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Recycle the fashion trends, not the negativity

As long as our bodies continue to be subject to trending beauty standards, eating disorders will continue to be a deadly issue. The solution should be simple, right? Stop treating our bodies as a fad, as something that can be changed as easily as the shift to low-rise jeans. 

| Contributing Writer

How the normalization of weaponized incompetence upholds outdated gender norms

It’s not about the ketchup; it’s about the gendered performance of ineptitude and the harms we perpetuate if we leave weaponized incompetence unchallenged and unquestioned.

| Staff Writer

Saving TikTok is not saving democracy

Regulating TikTok should be encouraged. The current state of social media should not.

| Contributing Writer

The world according to Gen Alpha: On aging out and growing up

I turned 20 over Thanksgiving break, and I spent my last day as a teenage girl in Orlando, Florida, in my childhood bedroom.

| Junior Forum Editor

Professor receives backlash for post supporting protest of pro-Israel organization

After making a social media post in support of a protest opposing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Bret Gustafson, Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, has received significant community backlash centering around accusations of antisemitism.

| Junior News Editor

Don’t let yourself be isolated by self-care trends

Maintaining relationships requires effort from all sides, and it’s crucial to remember that staying connected is a shared responsibility. 

and | Junior Forum Editor and Contributing Writer

Pics or it DID happen: Are we finally recognizing the frivolity of content creation?

As consumers, we used to think that social media content was equivalent to a good time, but recently, those things have started to become mutually exclusive.

| Junior Forum Editor

5 things to ask yourself before reposting or repeating

In light of the Israel-Hamas war, the Student Life Editorial Board suggests various ways to navigate what can be a confusing and potentially damaging social-media landscape. 

Professor of Genomics claims he was fired over anti-Palestine post

A Washington University Professor of Genomics, Dr. Seth Crosby, claims to have lost his job over a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, calling the latest Israel-Hamas war a “much needed cleansing.” 

| Editor-in-Chief

The end of an era: WebSTAC FACES is no longer

After decades of connecting Washington University students, picture-based online directory service WebSTAC FACES has stopped operating due to the rise in popularity of social media.

| Junior News Editor

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