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The hidden side of sexual assault that WashU isn’t teaching you

These programs fail to recognize and educate students on the other side of sexual assault — the kind that doesn’t involve physical force, which is more common and less reported among college students.

| Senior Photo Editor

Staff Editorial: How to support the Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative

The Student Life Editorial Board encourages WashU students to register to vote in Missouri and support this vital initiative.

Blacking out is out for 2024

College is all about making memories — let’s start by remembering last night.

| Contributing Writer

Letter to the Editor: There is no room for anti-Blackness in arts and entertainment journalism

Having trained arts reporters who understand how to navigate writing reviews of culturally significant projects and events on campus is important.

| Former Cadenza and Social Media Editor, Class of 2022

Staff Editorial: Expanding on Student Love

Yes, Student Love is fun. But it’s not about the statistics, the sexy photos, or even the tradition. It’s about creating conversation. And it’s for you.

Date and gift ideas for girls, ranked by a girl

This list starts off strong but slowly descends to lower-effort moments and awkward no-go’s. Regardless of your gender or relationship status, anyone can use this advice. 

| Staff Writer

The shapeshifting face of American superheroes: from Marvel to The Boys

This change seems reflective of a larger social phenomenon: a widespread distrust of people in power. 

| Junior Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: If you’re raising tuition, tell us where it’s going

This year’s tuition raise is the highest since 2014 with little to no information on how the money will be spent.

Staff Editorial: Last-minute tips on picking your housing for next year

Make sure to read our 2024 Housing Guide if you need some extra help!

Margot Robbie’s Oscar snub isn’t a blow to feminism

It is wrong to present these snubs as evidence for the attack on feminism because you cannot talk about feminism without talking about its decades-long exclusion of women of color.

| Staff Writer

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