Staff Editorial: The case against SU’s anonymity

By voting anonymously, SU undermines not only its own legitimacy but also democratic norms at large.

Opinion Submission: Antisocial justice: Fight for social justice…but don’t fight dirty

If we truly want to enact change and promote social justice, we must learn to listen to one another with respect and understanding.

| President of the Jewish Student Association

Opinion Submission: The state of the university: Unresponsive and dismissive

To the administration: I hope today you’ve learned some things that made you pause or got you thinking about your communication with the student body.

| Class of 2025

Opinion Submission: The barbarity of civility on genocide

I call on Chancellor Martin and the Board of Trustees to show exemplary leadership and take a moral and ethical stand against genocide. There are not two sides to genocide, and silence is complicity.

| Lecturer in American Culture Studies

Letter to the Editor: A sexual assault survivor from the Class of 2007

As a former actor who literally performed in “The Date” at WashU multiple times, even I was unaware I was being sexually assaulted in my relationship at WashU; it wasn’t until therapy years later that I realized coercion and threats are not consent.

A label beyond sound: The appeal of indie

As we consume art, we want to feel that it is genuine, to feel like it was made as art — not as a product to be marketed and sold.

| Contributing Writer

Want to fight poverty? Start loving taxes

Programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are a lifeline to the nation’s most vulnerable, and by a guarantee of the taxes on our paychecks, eventually to our future selves.

| Contributing Writer

150 days after Oct. 7, we still don’t believe all women

Regardless of one’s political stance, sexual violence cannot be tolerated.

| Contributing Writer

A wristwatch stuck in time

Today, 150 days after the single deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust, I ask you to take a few minutes to remember the 1,200 innocent souls we lost and the dozens who are still held captive in Gaza. 

| Newsletter Editor

Staff Editorial: Rebuilding WashU sports culture starts with students

If we want to send the administration a message that we want them to care more about sports, we first need to show them that we, as a student body, actually care about sports. 

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