Opinion Submission: A critique of the Bear Day protest

In an environment where discussions about justice are as pressing and urgent as ever, activists fighting for their causes need to invite as many people into the conversation as possible. Doing so should involve convincing people why they should care, not admonishing them for their complacency.

| Class of 2024

Letter to the Editor: Speaking truth to hatred

Let’s not forget why Israel exists. It’s not a mere luxury. It is a necessity. It is necessary for the survival of the Jewish people. Our people have long been subjected to pogroms and persecutions, so it is clear that the Jewish state is the only safe haven for Jewish people when the world inevitably turns on us.

| Class of 2027

Opinion Submission: Jewish values say no to Zionism

We must be honest in our understanding of history and recognize that, as Jews and as people, we are, and always have been, a part of the anti-Zionist movement.

and | Senior Forum Editor, Class of 2024

Considering the preservation of programs at Fontbonne

The dissipation of a community is disheartening, and so too would be the dissipation of the resources that support necessary and underserved programs like the Oral History Project.

| Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: Our Fall 2024 course recommendations

This week, WashU students are picking their courses for the Fall 2024 semester. While they may be last-minute, we hope that our Student Life editorial staff recommendations can help you make final scheduling decisions.

Staff Editorial: Let’s put the “egging incident” into focus

Instead of taking what happened in BD and the campus response as a way to further divide ourselves, we should take it to consider where we get our information, how we want our campus spaces treated, and how we engage with all members of this community in the future.

On the “BD egging incident” and the prejudice we would like to ignore

Though many people at the moment saw the event as another example of harmless frat-boy rowdiness, to me, the event was yet another manifestation of the power imbalance between dining workers and WashU students.

| Junior Forum Editor

See the flags. Say the stories. Stop the silence around sexual violence.

Be uncomfortable. Be angry. This is not just an abstract concept we commemorate with a month of the year dedicated to awareness; they are real stories and real people you interact with every single day.

| Managing Photo Editor

Recycle the fashion trends, not the negativity

As long as our bodies continue to be subject to trending beauty standards, eating disorders will continue to be a deadly issue. The solution should be simple, right? Stop treating our bodies as a fad, as something that can be changed as easily as the shift to low-rise jeans. 

| Contributing Writer

Opinion Submission: Joint student organization statement on recall of Speaker of Senate Sonal Churiwal

To cast her robust value system and willingness to disrupt as “threatening” is nothing more than the manifestation of racist and sexist stereotypes like the “angry woman of color.”

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