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How the normalization of weaponized incompetence upholds outdated gender norms

It’s not about the ketchup; it’s about the gendered performance of ineptitude and the harms we perpetuate if we leave weaponized incompetence unchallenged and unquestioned.

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Melanie Ho discusses art as a way of understanding women’s experience in the workplace

Melanie Ho, author and professional speaker, gave a talk as this month’s Gender Equity Month Keynote Speaker about women’s professional experience in the workplace based on her award-winning book “Beyond Leaning In,” March 26. 

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SU Treasury joint session with SU Senate approves general budget and significantly increases funding for WILD

Student Union Treasury unanimously approved the $4.6 million general budget allocating the 2024-2025 Student Activities Fee, which is almost 9% more than last year, Feb. 20.

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Author Heather Radke discusses ‘Butts’ and back-burner social issues

Heather Radke, a professor for Columbia University’s MFA program and journalist at WNYC’s award-winning podcast Radiolab, gave a book talk on her recent book “Butts: A Backstory,” Feb. 15.

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Date and gift ideas for girls, ranked by a girl

This list starts off strong but slowly descends to lower-effort moments and awkward no-go’s. Regardless of your gender or relationship status, anyone can use this advice. 

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Boston College professor revolutionizes data visualization for designers and the visually impaired

Nam Wook Kim, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Boston College, spoke about his award-winning research in data visualization and online accessibility, Nov. 17. 

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A land acknowledgment isn’t enough for WashU’s dwindling Indigenous population

WashU is failing both to create a welcoming community for Indigenous students and to support its current ones. 

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Professors Loomis and Daschbach deliver Last Lecture on their learning philosophy

Chemistry professors Richard Loomis and Megan Daschbach delivered this semester’s Last Lecture, a semesterly series where professors give a lecture as if it is their last one ever.

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Everything you know about furries is wrong

Furries seem to be a touchy subject, but why? These interviewees’ perspectives challenge misconceptions about furries.

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Signs you are in a TOXIC relationship

If you’re reading this — there’s probably a reason, and speaking from experience, it’s best to come to terms with a toxic relationship before it drains more years of your life.

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