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Should you try to blend in when you travel?

While traveling, you may still have the tendencies of an American tourist, but with respect and an appreciation of other cultures as well as your own, you are sure to make the most of your trip.

| Junior Forum Editor

ChatGPT made my Hinge profile…here’s what happened.

Is it a violation of the code of conduct on Hinge if my profile was created by ChatGPT, even if everything on it is true? Is that catfishing? How will people respond?

| Junior Forum Editor

Five books to read before you graduate

Whether you are graduating in May or getting ready to move in this fall, here are the books that I think you should read before you graduate.

| Junior Forum Editor

Are porn stars the new celebrities?

Sex workers’ opinions and experiences are not only being shared widely on large platforms, but are actually being heard and understood by wide audiences, regardless of gender.

| Staff Writer

The TikTok algorithm: Addiction and confirmation bias

The algorithm produces what is essentially an echo chamber, repeating its users’ beliefs and opinions over and over again, solidifying their preexisting ideas and exemplifying confirmation bias.

| Contributing Writer

Why I left the business school

I should not have had to leave Olin to find creativity in business, especially when innovation and entrepreneurship are meant to be among its pillars.

| Contributing Writer

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