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SU Senate passed a resolution calling for an investigation into Prof Dybvig (Alan Zhou | Student Life)

Student Union (SU) announced the results of the spring 2024 elections on their Instagram, March 8. 

30.1% of the student body voted in an election that contained 42 candidates running for executive and legislative positions. Four candidates were disqualified during the campaigning and voting process for violations related to the expenses and expenditure report. An additional seven candidates were penalized for other campaign violations. 

Junior Hussein Amuri, the former Executive Vice President, won the presidency with 55.89% of the vote, which amounted to 1,043 total votes. He ran on a combined slate with junior Andy Mun, who won his election for Executive Vice President. 

Presidential candidate junior Saish Satyal was disqualified during the voting process. The announcement of his disqualification came just an hour before polls closed on Thursday night. 

In a written statement to Student Life, Satyal said his disqualification was a result of messages he sent in the “Free Food WashU” GroupMe. After an email exchange with the Election Commission, they deemed the messages a donation to a candidate, and a violation of the campaign rules listed in the election packet

To be honest, I think most of my anger at the disqualification was just that it was embarrassing.” Satyal said in his statement. “I would have preferred to have called my parents and told them I only lost because I was outvoted, not because of some disagreement over the wording of Paragraph 3 of the ‘Expenses and Expenditure Reports’ section of the Election Packet.” 

The Election Commissioner, senior Constain Carrigan, explained in an interview that after being accused of a lack of transparency in past elections, the commission decided that they should publicize each penalty against a candidate through Instagram Story updates. 

Outside of incumbent junior Abby Sode, who ran unopposed for Vice President of Programming, sophomore Meris Damjanovic won his race for Vice President of Finance by the largest margin of any candidate for SU’s Executive Board. He defeated first-year Rodrigo Suarez Lopez Gallo by more than 500 votes. 

Sophomores Gisela Liu and Christine Ling led the 12 candidates running for Treasury positions, receiving 831 and 825 votes respectively. 

Sophomore Natalia León-Díaz and junior Lauren Fulghum led the 20 Senate candidates with 648 and 624 total votes. 

The ballot also included referendums to give block funding for the Emergency Support Team (EST), Campus Y, and Uncle Joe’s. 89.9% of students voted to fund EST, while 90.47% and 91.87% voted in favor of funding Campus Y and Uncle Joe’s respectively. All groups will receive their block funding in full. 

Elected Treasury Representatives:

First-years: Romen Der Manuelian, Owen Kim, Aravind Sriram, Jahnvi Datta, Shonn Chen

Sophomores: Gisela Liu, Christine Ling, Jonah Satyr, Leila Asadi, Aryan Pradhan

Junior: Robbie Mazer

Elected Senate Representative:

First-years: Noura Idris Habona, Lily Smith, Emaan Sayied, Faheem Rahman, Maya Santhanam

Sophomores: Natalia León-Díaz, Sahil Soni, Omar Abdelmoity, Ella Scott

Juniors: Lauren Fulghum and Sarah Ash

Elected Executive Board:

President: Junior Hussein Amuri

Executive Vice President: Sophomore Andy Mun

Vice President of Engagement: Sophomore Ashton Lee

Vice President of Programming: Junior Abby Sode

Vice President of Finance: Sophomore Meris Damjanovic


Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the elections and the process by which penalties and disqualification are administered. 

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