Senior Otto Brown steps down as SU Election Commissioner, plans to continue StL civic work after graduation

A Gephardt Institute Bob & Gerry Virgil Civic Scholar, a St. Louis County election worker, and a Missouri Notary Public, Senior Otto Brown has demonstrated his irrefutable passion for civic engagement throughout his four years at Washington University. Brown is majoring in both Economics and Political Science, and has been involved in election work and […]

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Some frustrated with SU funding ahead of elections

Students expressed frustrations with Student Union’s allocation of funding ahead of fall elections this week, though Wednesday’s resolution of a miscommunication alleviated some concerns regarding Treasury’s Nov. 9 decision to reallocate fall WILD funding for the spring.

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SU passes general budget of $3.9 million

The largest section in the budget was $1.9 million dedicated to funding student group reserves, an increase from $1.6 million last year.

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SU passes amendment to disband Class Councils, centralize authority and responsibility

After a unanimous vote in the SU Senate and a majority vote in the SU Treasury, the amendment to disband Class Councils was voted on by the student body in a special election.

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Staff Editorial: In light of election snafu, SU needs more transparency

In light of these issues, the Student Life Editorial Board advocates for greater transparency from and within SU, and professionalism from SU toward resolving this situation and thereby ensuring future elections proceed in line with SU’s espoused values.

Oped: Breaking down the failures of the fall election and why you should care

Besides the lack of consideration and clarification in their handling of this technical difficulty, we have reasons to believe that the ballot had even more flaws than what is already known.

Aaron Arora, Jefferson Liu, Jojo Spio | Class of 2023

SU Senate releases Improve WashU campaign report, outlines 2019-2020 goals

Student Union Senate outlined its goals for the upcoming term in a joint session meeting April 23.

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Student Union seeks student input through Improve Wash. U. campaign

Student Union launched its second Improve Wash. U. campaign March 24.
The Speaker of the Senate, sophomore Sophie Scott, created the Improve Wash. U. campaign last year in order to collect student input on what issues SU should address at Washington University.

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SU outlines goals for upcoming year at state of union address

Student Union president junior Grace Egbo announced SU’s new goals of expanding administrative and student interactions, increasing diverse representation and encouraging greater election participation Tuesday.

Emma Baker | News Editor

SU provides materials for Title Mine rally

Student Union is providing materials for poster-making for the Title Mine rally, SU announced in a social media post Sunday afternoon.

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