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SU Senate votes for resolution calling for University to divest from Boeing

In a meeting attended by nearly 200 total students, Student Union (SU) Senate passed a resolution 15 to 5 with one abstention, via an unprecedented anonymous vote, calling on Washington University to divest from and cut professional ties with Boeing, March 19. 

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Student Union elections results announced

Student Union (SU) announced the results of the spring 2024 elections on their Instagram, March 8. 

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Office of the Provost announces survey on sexual misconduct

Washington University is conducting a survey examining sexual misconduct and awareness among the student body that will be available to students on March 4, according to an email from the Office of the Provost. 

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WUSM Climate and Culture Report reveals systemic inequalities

After a year-long investigation, Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) released an internal report as well as an external report conducted by Catalyst, a consulting firm, about the “climate and culture” of the institution, Dec. 14.

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Professor Heather Cox Richardson speaks about the state of democracy from a historical perspective 

Professor, author, and historian Heather Cox Richardson delivered remarks and answered audience questions about the future of democracy in Graham Chapel, during an event held by the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics on Dec. 4. 

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Chabad and Hillel hold event to raise awareness about hostages held in Gaza

Washington University Chabad and Hillel held an event on Monday, Nov. 27 to raise awareness for hostages that were taken by Hamas on Oct. 7. 

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Students hold “die-in” urging University to cut ties with Boeing 

On Thursday afternoon, just over a dozen students participated in a “die-in” outside of the Danforth University Center (DUC) in support of Palestinians and to urge the University to cut ties with Boeing. The students laid down in the DUC courtyard, spreading Palestinian flags over their bodies, holding signs, and chanting.

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Assembly Series returns: Fireside chat with neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta

Washington University’s Department of Medicine hosted Dr. Sanjay Gupta in Graham Chapel as the first speaker in the newly reinstated Assembly series. He spoke about a range of topics including pandemic response and preparedness, mental health, misinformation, our diets, and how he blends his roles as a journalist and doctor. Nov. 15

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Fall WILD, reinvented: Students react to the Night at the Pageant

For the first time in Washington University’s history, the Student Programming Board’s (SPB) fall concert was held at the Pageant on the Delmar Loop instead of on campus, Nov. 9. A majority of students surveyed considered the concert, rebranded from Fall WILD to Night at the Pageant (NAP), to be an overall success.

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Pro-Palestine supporters participate in national walkout after University does not meet demands

Washington University students walked out from their classes at 10:15 a.m. to gather with community members on Mudd Field to show support for Palestinians on Oct. 25th. 

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