WU sophomore Gosha Guppy delivers exhilarating WILD performance

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When Washington University sophomore Zach Bernagene, known by his stage name Gosha Guppy, stepped onto the Brookings Quadrangle stage to begin his WILD set, the excitement was palpable. Though he was the first performer of the night, students were already packed into the front row to support him, and their energy was electric.

Gosha Guppy performed six songs, including “A Beautiful Day to Get Robbed,” “Twerking in My Church” and “Postman,” which are featured on his latest album “Let’s Talk Love.” It was clear students were fans of Gosha’s music as they enthusiastically sang along the words with him. At one point, he jumped offstage to get closer to the audience, and the crowd’s reaction was magnificent.

Curran Neenan | Student Life

Sophomore Zach Bernagene opens for Mindchatter, Kiiara and A$AP Ferg at WILD Friday. Bernagene, who is better known by his stage name Gosha Guppy, was met with excited student crowds.

One of Gosha’s favorite parts of performing is his interactions with fans, which made it even more special that so many of his friends were there for his WILD set. Gosha explained that “Just people giving their time to see you, support you, learn your music, they become like a part of you. I become a part of them too.”

A seasoned performer, WILD was not Gosha Guppy’s first large-scale performance, but it was his “first time being publicly introduced to Wash. U.,” he stated.

“This is just a level-up I’d say, because I go to school here and [WILD] is the biggest festival here.”

Despite only being a sophomore, Gosha Guppy’s ebullient stage presence captivated the WILD audience, and it was evident that everyone present was having a blast. Gosha loved the electricity of the performance, exclaiming, “When I hopped on the left side of the stage, that sh–’s crazy!” However, he jokingly qualified that “hopping or jumping from stage to stage with Doc Martens on is much harder than it looks.”

As incredible as his set was, both in terms of content and performance, Gosha Guppy explained, “This is the last time I’ll be performing all of my recent EP stuff. Now I’m working on this new project called “Punk Hazard,” which is like mixing hard rap with songs like ‘Postman.’” If “Punk Hazard” is anything like “Let’s Talk Love,” it’ll be an absolute delight to hear.

Having Gosha Guppy as the student opener was an excellent way to begin WILD, and his stunning performance was proof that he belongs onstage. His music career will only go up from here, and towards the end of our interview he quipped, “Ferg, I’m coming for you bro.”

Gosha Guppy’s music can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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