Yes, Poet(ic Pulse)! WUSlam hosts inaugural Intercollegiate Poetry Slam

  Sure, it was a poetry reading. But don’t imagine quiet, tasteful coffeehouse gatherings populated by berets and tweed, or nodding off with a classmate’s perplexing prose in first-period English — think stomps, snaps, and shouts. Think lively banter, sharp choreography, and most importantly, really good poetry – the kind that strikes a chord, crystalizes […]

| Staff Writer

From punk to jazz: KWUR Week showcases local underground artists

KWUR 90.3 Clayton FM, Washington University’s own underground student-run radio station, annually hosts a week of free musical events featuring local and student music, open to all Washington University students. This year’s KWUR week, which began on March 25, featured over a dozen acts, with performances ranging from lively jazz waltzes to hardcore punk screams and instrumental folk.

and | Contributing and Staff Writers

Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter”: Yee-haw or Yee-naw?

On March 29, Beyoncé released her ninth studio album, “Cowboy Carter,” the second act of her ninth studio album, “Renaissance.” The album’s aesthetics promised a full-blown country album, with cowboy hats, horses, and American flags galore.

| Junior Scene Editor

Students Shine in PAD’s The Winter’s Tale

Melding tragedy, comedy, and romance into one, “The Winter’s Tale” is the story of a king mad with envy that escalates until the queen’s statue comes to life. The students take center stage, and it is their interpretation of the characters and their mastery of emotions that ultimately reveals the weight and nuance of forgiveness. 

| Junior Scene Editor

On a weekend of major musical releases, Mitski’s ‘Laurel Hell’ carves out its niche

A departure from her usual sound, Mitski’s “Laurel Hell” is still engrossingly emotional.

| Junior Editor

Cadenza Wrapped: Best music of 2021

2021 was a year of musical performance. Here are the albums that defined it.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Preparing for the uncertain: LNYF adjusts to virtual practices

With only a short time between the planned campus reopening and the Lunar New Year Festival’s scheduled performance, the group has had to make changes to their process.

| Managing Editor

“Tick, tick … BOOM!” on Netflix review: An explosion of musical genius

Lin Manuel Miranda’s directing and Andrew Garfield’s acting add to the original musical, creating a beautiful movie experience.

| Senior Engagement Editor

WashU pop artist releases new single

Junior Luke Markinson releases a new song, “Tie Me Down,” about internalized homophobia and being constricted in a relationship.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WUDT comes back to the stage with ‘Return’

Sitting in the audience, I could not tell that the dancers had ever been gone.

| Managing Editor

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