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Professing their love: four seniors look back on their favorite professors throughout their academic journeys

As seniors look back on their time as undergraduates, they find gratitude for the educators who also served as their mentors, supporters, and sources of inspiration. Seniors were asked to celebrate the professors they cherished most, and here are their thoughts. Dr. William Bubelis, Associate Professor of Classics Senior Ana María Núñez is a Classics […]

| Junior Scene Editor

Culture and community: WUSauce Dance Off ignites the stage

Overflowing with excitement, the Danforth University Center echoed with cheers as student dance groups took turns showcasing their talent and teamwork, each vying to captivate the audience’s hearts and claim the spotlight as their own. On Friday, April 5, WUSauce, WashU’s performance salsa dance team, hosted their annual Dance Off at the DUC. The experience […]

| Junior Scene Editor

Students Shine in PAD’s The Winter’s Tale

Melding tragedy, comedy, and romance into one, “The Winter’s Tale” is the story of a king mad with envy that escalates until the queen’s statue comes to life. The students take center stage, and it is their interpretation of the characters and their mastery of emotions that ultimately reveals the weight and nuance of forgiveness. 

| Junior Scene Editor

A Guide to the Central West End

If you’re looking for a new area to explore, want an alternative to the Loop, or feel like breaking out of the “WashU bubble,” the Central West End could be your best next stop. The district boasts a variety of dining options, landmarks, research opportunities, and housing — even if you’re already familiar with the area, there might be something new to see.

and | unior Scene Editor and Contributing Writer

Breakdown of BearFit Classes

Offered throughout the day, seven days a week, there’s a BearFit class for everyone, whether you’re an early-bird looking for a morning pump or trying to find some peace of mind in between classes. Here are some highlights. 

, and | Contributing Writers and Junior Scene Editor

No-point policy: Left Bank Books’ mission-driven approach to bookselling

Sitting on the corner of Euclid and McPherson in Central West End, Left Bank Books offers an entirely different take on the book browsing experience. Established by a group of WashU graduate students in 1969, Left Bank is a mission-driven bookstore that doubles as a community space, making a point to form genuine connections with its customers.

| Junior Scene Editor

Wait, what’s NAP? A student review of SPB’s Night at the Pageant 

I first heard about NAP on Oct. 27, the Friday morning before Halloween, when the SPB mysteriously appeared in my inbox. It was an email titled “SPB Presents a Night at the Pageant: NAP!” 

| Contributing Writer

Learning through experience: Undergraduates present their research at the Fall OUR Symposium

Bauer Hall was bustling with fresh ideas on Friday, Oct. 27 when undergraduate researchers set up posters and presented their work at the Office of Undergraduate Research’s Fall Symposium.

and | Contributing Writer & Staff Writer

Freshmen making moves: WU’s upcoming chess masters

Two freshmen currently hold elite rankings in chess: FIDE Master and National Master Vincent Tsay and Candidate Master Alec Beck. Having grown up around chess, they both had their share of structured training and tournament-hopping and have found meaning in the classic, universally loved strategy game. Their newest plan of action: adjusting to college life at Washington University.

| Contributing Writer

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