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WashU KSA and WashU KISS put on annual showcase

Friday morning, on the sunny walk to class, a new structure had been added to the South 40: an outdoor stage. This stage was used later that day for the Spirit of Korea (SOK) showcase, April 12. This collaboration between WashU Korean Students Association (KSA) and WashU Korean International Student Society (KISS) is their largest […]

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Some college students’ camping trip for the 2024 solar eclipse

About three weeks ago, a friend of mine texted in our group chat: “Who wants to go camping for the solar eclipse?” Responses ranged from “Wait, there’s an eclipse? When?” to “Can’t we just get an Airbnb?” to “I’m down.” While I won’t say which side I was initially on, I am happy to report […]

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WashU ALAS puts on 25th Annual Carnaval 

For the past several months, Washington University’s Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), has been preparing for its Carnaval celebration. Under two talented directors, a cast of dedicated performers, and the expertise of Edison Theatre’s production crew, the 25th anniversary of this show does not disappoint.

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LNYF 2024, WashU’s Sold-out event

After a quick introduction video of the performers, the show began with the Lion Dance. With percussion in the background, the performers nimbly danced in elaborate, flowy costumes as the audience cheered and gasped with delight. 

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Three recipes to try in your new apartment 

Living in an apartment comes with all sorts of changes. For many, moving off campus means committing to making your own food and no longer relying on the convenience of Bear’s Den or Paws and Go. To help with this transition, I compiled three of my own recipes that are perfect for first-time apartment dwellers and first-time cooks alike.

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The College Chef’s Handbook: A dorm-friendly apple pie

Whether you are staying here on campus for Thanksgiving, or if you are going home as well, I trust you’ll find this recipe just as inviting as I do. 

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The College Chef’s Handbook: Birthday cake

I took on another cooking project. I decided to bake an entire birthday cake — completely from scratch — in our dorm kitchen. 

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The College Chef’s Handbook: Making bread from scratch in my dorm

After the chaos of move-in, the monotony of syllabus week, and with a pile of Organic Chemistry problems sitting on my desk, I thought, “What better excuse to do so than to make some bread at 4 o’clock on a random Saturday afternoon?”

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First-year food: four keys to dorm cooking, everyday staples, and must-have items

While food probably isn’t your priority right now, as a rising sophomore, I find myself looking back on my first year wishing I knew more about WashU food and dorm cooking last fall.

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Dorm Delicacies: Three recipes using Paws and Go ingredients 

  After a full day of classes and activities and with another midterm approaching rapidly, I grab my ID and trudge to Paws and Go for the third time this week.

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