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The College Chef’s Handbook: A dorm-friendly apple pie

Whether you are staying here on campus for Thanksgiving, or if you are going home as well, I trust you’ll find this recipe just as inviting as I do. 

| Staff Writer

The College Chef’s Handbook: Birthday cake

I took on another cooking project. I decided to bake an entire birthday cake — completely from scratch — in our dorm kitchen. 

| Staff Writer

The College Chef’s Handbook: Making bread from scratch in my dorm

After the chaos of move-in, the monotony of syllabus week, and with a pile of Organic Chemistry problems sitting on my desk, I thought, “What better excuse to do so than to make some bread at 4 o’clock on a random Saturday afternoon?”

| Staff Writer

First-year food: four keys to dorm cooking, everyday staples, and must-have items

While food probably isn’t your priority right now, as a rising sophomore, I find myself looking back on my first year wishing I knew more about WashU food and dorm cooking last fall.

| Staff Writer

Dorm Delicacies: Three recipes using Paws and Go ingredients 

  After a full day of classes and activities and with another midterm approaching rapidly, I grab my ID and trudge to Paws and Go for the third time this week.

| Contributing Writer

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