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In ‘The Science of Leaving Omaha,’ the cast outshines the script

Despite the strength of the acting, the play’s plot fails to make sense.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WashU alum produces independent dark comedy about the Watergate scandal

Student Life spoke to Mirvish about the film and its inspirations.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

AST puts on a thrilling haunted house for Halloween

All Student Theatre made the Village Black Box into an interactive haunted house over the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Fall Break in St. Louis: Local entertainment venues to visit

If you’re staying in St. Louis, there are a ton of entertaining ways to have fun and stay occupied during the long weekend. From concert venues to alpaca farms, read more to find out!

| Senior Cadenza Editor

In Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO,” the rapper finds his sound in an impressive way

Lil Nas X is here with deeper, more hard-hitting material, but he still wants fans to be able to dance it out to his songs.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Audiophiles: the ‘back to school spirit’ as told by song

Songs to fit the back to school nostalgia we’re feeling right now.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Entertainment venues to visit in St. Louis

There are tons of fun entertainment options near campus for concerts, plays, movies and more. 

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Carnaval 2021: “Dreams” is an interesting idea with lackluster execution

In its exploration of the American Dream for Latinx people, Carnaval 2021 didn’t go deep enough, leaving the show feeling shallow.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The Performing Arts Department brings theatre to the screen with Homecoming Voices

The PAD released two of its four Homecoming Voices virtual plays, “Solastalgia” and “The Nicest White People That America Has Ever Produced,” over the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Demi Lovato’s “Dancing with the Devil” showcases angelic vocals and powerful storytelling

Demi Lovato’s newest album is a cathartic, powerful dive into the singer’s past.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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