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Jewish student groups gather and sing on 150th day after Oct. 7 attacks

Around 60 Jewish students and community members gathered on Mudd Field for a Tisch commemorating the Israeli people killed and taken hostage during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, March 5. The event took place on the 150th day after the attacks.

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Sam Fox study abroad students voice concerns about housing issues and administrative response

Participants in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts’ Florence Semester Program have experienced issues with their housing arrangements abroad, including strangers entering the student’s communal apartment, mold, a partial ceiling collapse, and bedbugs. 

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Association of Black Students releases statement criticizing administration’s relationship with Black and brown students

The Association of Black Students (ABS) published a list of grievances and demands for WashU’s administration over winter break in a series of Instagram posts titled “Enough is Enough.” 

The group criticized the administration’s response to a number of events in recent years that have affected students of color.

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Pro-Palestine art piece displayed outside Steinberg Hall, WUPD called

A student’s pro-Palestine art piece was placed on the outside of Steinberg Hall as part of a critique for their sculpture art class on Dec. 6. 

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University hosts dialogue spaces about Israel and Palestine

Washington University’s Dialogue Across Difference (DxD) department hosted 12 facilitated dialogue spaces throughout November to help students process the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine. 

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Contention over exams on religious holidays: Students express frustration, faculty explain scheduling decisions

Large lecture classes in the hard sciences, engineering, and computer science departments have scheduled evening exams on major religious holidays in recent years. Students and faculty have faced challenges in accommodating religious observances when exams coincide with holidays, despite Washington University’s implementation of a policy to mitigate this issue. 

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Sam Fox grapples with AI changing the creative landscape

While people quickly integrated word-based generative artificial intelligence (AI) bots into their daily work and philosophical discussions about work, similar technology is raising major ethical and technical questions for academics and students involved in the art world.

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U.S men’s soccer bests Uzbekistan in a friendly at CITY Park

The United States men’s national soccer team (USMNT) beat Uzbekistan on Saturday, September 9th with a final score of 3-0. Held at St. Louis CITY SC’s CITY Park, this game was the first time the United States has faced Uzbekistan in any competition. The game has no standing for the USMNT in international competitions as it was staged as a friendly  international competition. 

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New lock system installed in Zetcher House elicits mixed reactions from students

Zetcher House became the first dorm on campus to install the Homebase lock system, which unlocks suite and room doors via an app instead of a key card. 

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Don’t be afraid to study STEM — advice from a sophomore on freshman pre-med courses

Coming into WashU last fall, I was devoutly opposed to being on the pre-medical school track. I was intimidated by it.

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