Want to fight poverty? Start loving taxes

Programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are a lifeline to the nation’s most vulnerable, and by a guarantee of the taxes on our paychecks, eventually to our future selves.

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City residents push for payment in lieu of taxes on University property

University City (U. City) residents and council members called on Washington University to implement a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program during the “WashU, U. City, and PILOTs: An Overview” information session, Sept. 24. Presented by Community for an Accountable WashU (CAW), the session was held over Zoom as well as broadcasted live to a handful of former University students and residents of the St. Louis region.

| Managing Forum Editor

Dear WashU: Please pay your taxes

The University owns many properties, within University City and other neighboring communities, that it doesn’t pay property taxes on. It should.

| Class of 2021

WU graduate student arrested protesting GOP tax bill

Astrophysics graduate student Ben Groebe was arrested during a protest against the Republican tax bill on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

and | News Editors

Students criticize new Everly on the Loop development on social media

A number of Washington University students and alumni have taken to social media in recent weeks to criticize the construction, leasing practices and advertising of the new Everly on the Loop housing development.

| Staff Reporter

The Ivory Soapbox: Say no to unfair Proposition P

Local politics rarely receive the kind of attention that their national counterparts do, but they frequently have a more immediate, noticeable effect on the lives of voters.

| Staff Columnist

I will pay higher taxes

On Tuesday, President Obama gave his third State of the Union address, in which he specified the need for more wealth equality in the United States. One solution is to raise taxes on the rich. I understand the hatred for paying taxes as much as any other person (nobody likes his money taken away), but we need to raise taxes on everyone, especially the rich.

| Senior Forum Editor

Video games and taxes

Herman Cain’s extremely simplistic 9-9-9 tax plan has drawn a lot of publicity of late, with a flat 9 percent tax for both corporate and residential incomes as well as a 9 percent national sales tax. But, as a recent Huffington Post article pointed out, Herman Cain’s tax plan may have come from the critically acclaimed video game “SimCity 4,” which came out in 2003.

| Staff Columnist

Making a case for the Republicans

I found Dave Shapiro’s recent column, “Republican vote takes more than just taxes,” presumptuous and offensive.

| Op-Ed Submission

Republican vote takes more than just taxes

It seems that recently, a number of Republicans have written in to complain about various issues. They’re complaining so much, you’d think they were Democrats!

| Staff Columnist

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