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Washington U.: Taking the fun out of campus life since 1853

My four years at Wash. U. have been a period of numerous ups and downs, self-inflicted and otherwise. The University has changed since my arrival; the oozing abscess that was Eliot Hall has been demolished, a new pink castle rising in its place, and the South 40 has been transformed from an unnavigable construction zone into a whimsical St. Louis Disneyland-lite.

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The Ivory Soapbox: Brad Paisley & LL COOL J

Country singer Brad Paisley recently released a new song in collaboration with LL Cool J called “Accidental Racist.” It immediately sparked a firestorm, with left-wing blogs and websites decrying it as an appalling reinforcement of 21st-century racism—or something to that effect.

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The Ivory Soapbox: Say no to unfair Proposition P

Local politics rarely receive the kind of attention that their national counterparts do, but they frequently have a more immediate, noticeable effect on the lives of voters.

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The Ivory Soapbox: CS40 ruined WUStock

“We’re sorry,” a loudspeaker-toting Council of the South 40 representative blasted into my ear on Friday, “but this is just the way it needs to be.

The Ivory Soapbox: Wash. U.’s witch hunt

By this point everyone who doesn’t live under a rock without any WUFI—which, admittedly, may be several people—has heard of the racial episode involving Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledges last Tuesday night that rapidly exploded into the biggest campus-wide controversy that I, as a senior, have ever seen. It outweighs outrage at attempts to bring Bristol Palin to Wash. U.

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The ivory soapbox: The sad decline of Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Obama for America, was one of the most technologically-sophisticated—and therefore effective—campaigns of all time.

The Ivory Soapbox: Go Big or Go Home

This past weekend saw some 40,000 people gather in beautiful Washington D.C. to urge President Barack Obama not to sign off on the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a required measure for its construction to take place as it crosses international borders.

The Ivory Soapbox: An insider’s opinion on Loop expansion

I have lived on the Delmar Loop in University-owned housing—University Terrace, to be specific—for more than a year and a half. In that time, I have grown fiercely attached to the Loop.

The Ivory Soapbox—For Evil to Succeed

Last week, a brief, 16-page document was leaked to the press. Called “the White Paper,” the document outlines the Obama administration’s perceived justification in killing American citizens who are senior members of al-Qaida or related organizations. The argument is in three parts: first, “an informed, high-level official of the U.S.

| Forum Editor

The Ivory Soapbox: Barry and Bibi’s Ongoing Feud

At the beginning of October, I wrote an article detailing the ways in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was attempting to swing the American presidential election toward Mitt Romney—publicly criticizing America’s policy with regard to Iran, making public appearances with the Republican presidential hopeful, allowing his soon-to-be campaign manager to design and release anti-Obama […]

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