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The thesis

Apparently, all it takes to get 51 comments on a Student Life column online is to get it published in a rather popular blog. Who knew? Neil Gaiman, look at me! Look at me! Well, I might not have readership, but I know that I’m doing one thing that Gaiman has never done: writing a senior honors thesis. This isn’t the first time someone’s written a column about thesis writing, and it won’t be the last.

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Take the bus!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Because of this (and apathy), I find myself lacking a driver’s license. Not having my own vehicle (or the ability to legally drive someone else’s) is a great conversation starter. “Why don’t you have a car?” “I’m from New York City.” “So?” “I use the subway.” “And? I […]

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Ain’t nothing wrong with that

I only remember the conversation because all of my Internet chats have been automatically logged. This one was with my father, and I was talking to him from Yale, where I was attending a debate camp. (You don’t get into Washington University by being cool, that’s for sure.) My dad wrote, “If you missed Barack […]

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Finding St. Louis: a talk and my thoughts

For the first time (or maybe the second or third), I attended one of those extra-departmental lectures you see those little flyers for. I’m not talking those big, Graham Chapel talks either. This was a small talk. There was wine. Several bottles. If you want to get drunk, definitely attend some of these lectures. You […]

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A (very) selective review of the Public Service Fair

Desiring to find out more about getting involved in St. Louis but feeling quite lazy, I decided to check out the Public Service Fair held in the Danforth University Center on Sept. 23.

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Republican vote takes more than just taxes

It seems that recently, a number of Republicans have written in to complain about various issues. They’re complaining so much, you’d think they were Democrats!

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The great(er) community: Juvenile Detention Center & Washington University

This column is going to become part public service, part community bulletin. I’d like to share positive stories about the Washington University community and the St. Louis community with you all.

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