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Welcome, Al Jazeera America

On Aug. 20, the Qatari news network Al Jazeera launched Al Jazeera America, a new cable news network directed at American domestic politics. This marks the global news organization’s foray into the American market, with the ability to reach more than 40 million households (compared to the 4.7 million of Al Jazeera English).

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Where are Miranda’s rights?

Last week at London Heathrow Airport, authorities in the United Kingdom held David Miranda for nine hours. A Brazilian national, Miranda was on his way home to Rio de Janeiro from Berlin. At the end of his detainment, Miranda was released with no criminal charges, but he was also without his laptop and other personal electronic devices. Why is this a problem?

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Determinations of success

With graduation just around the corner for this year’s seniors, many upperclassmen have started looking forward, thinking about their careers and what real life will bring for them. When planning ahead, most Washington University students consider the prospect of having a family without a career or becoming some sort of activist to be an anathema.

Why students should care

On Friday, the board of trustees at Santa Monica College reversed its progress on a controversial plan to offer its most popular courses at a higher price than its less popular classes. In-demand classes were scheduled to cost approximately $180 per credit unit, while normal classes only cost $46.

What can get you kicked out of Congress

On Thursday, Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., was escorted off the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for wearing breaking House rules by wearing a hoodie while the body was in session. But even though he broke the rules, Rep. Rush did the right thing.

Alternatives to a mandate

Over the past few days, the Supreme Court has been hearing arguments in favor of and against the Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare). Reading into the court’s opinion, and the direction it will swing when it releases its decision in June, is nearly impossible.

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The Green Cup’s strengths, potential and limitations

Student Life ran an article today regarding the Green Cup, its viability going forward, and whether or not students will continue the gains they made during the four weeks in February.

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‘Mass Effect 3’

On Tuesday, BioWare released the final installment in its RPG trilogy “Mass Effect.” As a huge fan, I spent a few hours waiting in GameStop for the midnight launch, and when I finally got my copy of “Mass Effect 3,” I was absolutely blown away.

| Cadenza Reporter

The faulty logic of working by consensus

Spokesmen for the Occupy Wall Street movement reported Feb. 23 that the movement does not support the Occupy Conference. The Occupy Conference will take place in Philadelphia later this year with two representatives from each congressional district in order to create a list of grievances to send to Congress.

| Senior Forum Editor

Let there be CONDOMS

Imagine for a second that you are planning a date with your guy or gal tomorrow night, and there are all sorts of sappy romantic activities set out. Because you and your significant other have decided to have sex, and you are a sensible adult, you try to buy some condoms. You don’t have a car, it’s cold outside, and Walgreens is about a mile away.

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