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Reestablished University Financial Overview showcases spending, revenue, growth opportunities

Student Union hosted a Financial Overview detailing spending and income, future financial plans for the University, and how tuition is used in Tisch Commons on March 28.

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Saving TikTok is not saving democracy

Regulating TikTok should be encouraged. The current state of social media should not.

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Want to fight poverty? Start loving taxes

Programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are a lifeline to the nation’s most vulnerable, and by a guarantee of the taxes on our paychecks, eventually to our future selves.

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Students stage second protest to demand Prof. Dybvig’s dismissal after sexual misconduct allegations

About thirty students protested outside Olin Professor Phillip Dybvig’s classroom in Simon Hall and demanded his termination following allegations of sexual misconduct against him in 2022 and 2023.

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Arts & Sciences Announces Summer Online Learning Pilot

On February 29, Washington University College of Arts & Sciences announced the arrival of a flexible learning program to take place over the summer of 2024.

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