You’re not a Woman in STEM, and that’s OK

Whatever other factors are affecting your decisions, don’t let the pressure to study STEM eliminate the possibility of studying another field that you might care about. 

| Junior News Editor

WashU’s new Kessler Scholars Program provides a beacon of hope for first-generation students

Washington University in St. Louis has been chosen as one of 10 universities to participate in the Kessler Scholars National Collaborative, with the inaugural cohort of scholars being the Class of 2027.

| Managing Scene Editor

Don’t be afraid to study STEM — advice from a sophomore on freshman pre-med courses

Coming into WashU last fall, I was devoutly opposed to being on the pre-medical school track. I was intimidated by it.

| Staff Writer

Undergraduate students present their work at research symposium

Hundreds of members of the Washington University community attended a biannual undergraduate research symposium hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research, April 25. The event, held in Frick Forum in Bauer Hall, showcased the research that undergraduates engaged in during the semester.

| Staff Writer

I was speaking

One of the most notable remnants of in-person class, though, is the tendency for men to interrupt and speak over women.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: The Career Fair is for all, not just STEM majors

The Career Fair has in the past–and continues present day–to be dominated by employers that represent STEM majors, leaving humanities majors with few specified options to choose from.

Sticker shock: The importance of science in education

Raising a generation of well-informed, scientifically minded—or, at the very least, scientifically knowledgeable students—is the first step to a self-sustaining cycle of advancement.

| Senior Forum Editor

Op-ed submission: Discrimination in STEM

As a woman majoring in systems engineering and hoping to enter the medical profession, a lack of representation of minorities and women is something that has become normal to me.

16 current students and alumni

Physics students discuss department’s ongoing lack of women

Washington University’s physics department currently employs zero tenured or tenure-track women faculty, a statistic emblematic of the department’s gender disparity in both the number of students and professors.

| Staff Reporter

Faculty shift away from lectures, incorporate activity

Faculty in science, engineering and mathematics departments are beginning to shift away from purely lecture-based to more activity-based classes this semester.

| Contributing Reporter

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