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Opinion Submission: Jewish values say no to Zionism

We must be honest in our understanding of history and recognize that, as Jews and as people, we are, and always have been, a part of the anti-Zionist movement.

and | Senior Forum Editor, Class of 2024

The shapeshifting face of American superheroes: from Marvel to The Boys

This change seems reflective of a larger social phenomenon: a widespread distrust of people in power. 

| Junior Forum Editor

What happened to the Renaissance man?

There is power in being a generalist in a world which prioritizes intense, secluding specialization. 

| Junior Forum Editor

Understanding artificial intelligence: use it, don’t abuse it.

This year’s freshman class will have the unique opportunity of being the first to go through college with artificial intelligence programs at their fingertips for all four years.

| Junior Forum Editor

Who’s to blame? Social media, addiction, and the role of influencers

Whether it’s due to a semi-hypocritical distaste for large influencers or something deeper, I find that social media users like myself share a feeling of some subterranean problem causing us anxiety and discomfort, no matter how much community we find in these online spaces. 

| Junior Forum Editor

No taxation without representation — unless you’re under 18?

This country was built on the principle of “no taxation without representation.” And yet, contributing members of our society have continually been denied proper representation.

| Staff Writer

Sexy M&M’s: They melt in your mouth, not in your hands — but also melt poor Tucker’s heart

After taking away the modern M&M characters in response to conservative criticism, the company does have some explaining to do. In the aftermath of the pandemic, anthropomorphic M&Ms were the last workers I thought would be laid off, yet here we are. Absolutely nuts.

| Contributing Writer

Old enough to hold a gun, too young to take a shot

Lowering the drinking age won’t immediately solve every drinking problem, but it’s the start of a cultural shift.

| Contributing Writer

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