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One Last Column: Student Life Senior William Labrador

It’s sort of interesting to be saying goodbye to WashU. Unlike many of my fellow seniors writing goodbye letters, I will be returning in three months to continue a Ph.D program, which will take another six years of my life, meaning that the freshmen that I have gotten to know will be “heading out into […]

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InBetween Insights: Q&As with Asian mental health conference speakers

InBetween, WashU’s annual student-organized pan-Asian mental health conference, was held on April 13. Hosting multiple panels with guests from a variety of backgrounds, I held Q&As with the panelists. These interviews have been edited for clarity. Dr. Amynah Pradhan is the Director for the Center of Clinical Pharmacology at Washington University and spoke during the […]

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TEDxWUSTL hosts five talks full of ideas worth spreading

TEDxWUSTL held its annual TEDx event on Thursday, April 4. This year, the five speakers gave talks covering topics ranging from the applications of artificial intelligence to linguistics in the judicial system and even a student’s personal experiences with schizophrenia. Following the new TED tagline “ideas change everything,” all TED events focus on finding and […]

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Countdown to Competition: WURocketry test launches annual rocket ahead of NASA competition

Preparing for the NASA Student Launch Challenge, the WURocketry team drove to Elsberry, Missouri this past weekend to launch their student-created rocket, WUWocket.

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“It’ll be electric”: WashU selects its first student performer to play the National Anthem

On Feb. 24, at both the Senior Day and Women’s History Day basketball games, Washington University’s first official student National Anthem performer, first-year Logan Srinivasan, will take the stage to showcase his third performance of the National Anthem. Part of a new initiative to boost school spirit, the WashU Athletics Marketing and Multimedia team hopes Srinivasan is the first of many students to get involved. 

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Savoring Diversity: The Fattened Caf. and the Fusion of Filipino Cuisine on WashU’s Campus

The Fattened Caf. is one of four minority or woman-owned restaurants new to campus this year as an effort by University Dining Services to bring the St. Louis restaurant community to WashU.

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WURaas Dance Team Now Ranked 13th in the Nation

For the first time in over ten years of competition, the Washington University Raas dance team brought home numerous trophies from bid competitions in the collegiate competitive circuit. Their success in these competitions moved them up to be ranked thirteenth in the country –– three spots away from an opportunity to compete at Raas All-Stars.

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Not only Olin: StEP offers students real-world entrepreneurial experience 

At Washington University, students are able to wholly operate their own businesses on campus.

| Junior Scene Editor 

Code or Bust: HackWashU is back

HackWashU will be the first of many competitions hosted in the 2023 season of Major League Hacking, a series of hackathons held across the country. 

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Faces to Know: Meet WashU’s Dining Service Workers

Washington University dining workers are the driving factors behind keeping the WashU community fed — and almost more importantly, caffeinated. Here are a handful of faces that you’ll see around campus: 

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