WU students use new streamlined process to cast votes at the Athletic Complex, as Republicans maintain hold on Missouri

A streamlined voting process enabled a smooth Election Day for on-campus Washington University undergraduate voters, as Republicans swept Missouri’s elections and won a swing House district just west of the University.

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Campus Republicans discuss support for Trump

A polarizing figure within his own party, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saw mixed support on campus this weekend.

Meghan Sharma | Contributing Reporter

The Affordable Care Act: The Unaffordable Care Act

Over the years, the federal government has created a series of entitlements that, although occasionally successful, have consistently contributed to our ever-increasing debt obligations to be repaid by future generations.

College Republicans

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

NBC’s Chuck Todd filled Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles while talking about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

Filling Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles, NBC’s Chuck Todd talked about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

Republicans vs. the reality of science

During the most recent Republican primary debate, John Huntsman harshly criticized the other candidates for being decidedly anti-science, telling them flat-out: “We can’t run from science.” I can’t help but agree with the former governor.

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Republicans: Don’t ask, don’t care

During the midterm elections, Republicans criticized Democrats for ignoring America and promised the electorate that they would listen to their opinions. However, Republican actions in the lame duck session on the START treaty, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Bush tax cuts, show that they care more about scoring political points against President Obama than what the American people think.

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The day after yesterday: Aftermath of the 2010 midterm elections

So here we are, a day after the election…and the Democrats have lost control of Congress. Even if they maintained a majority in the Senate, they don’t have anywhere close to the 60 votes necessary to pass anything or get anything done.

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WU Democrats, Republicans help campaigns

Washington University students have been helping out on the campaign trail as the Nov. 2 elections approach. Election season has hit the University, as an open Senate seat, multiple seats in the House of Representatives and local and state offices are up for grabs.

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Tea Party’s definition of liberty

It’s 2010 and tri-corner hats might seem like an eccentric fashion choice, unless the wearer happens to be starring in a second grade history pageant. Not so, according to the so-called Tea Party movement, at least in the symbolic sense. This recent grass-roots movement, loosely united by fervor for limited government and original intent, has become a major force of dissent in conservative politics.

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