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Chapel bells ring in new tune with alma mater; some chide at sound

There’s a new and unfamiliar sound of spring for students walking across campus or studying in Eads at noon: the school’s alma mater. Starting earlier this month, Graham Chapel rang out not its usual noon tune, but the school’s alma mater for its full two minutes every day. The song, which is German in origin, is rarely used on campus.

Students massage to raise teen suicide awareness, but not enough for world record

On Tuesday night, 306 students and a few adults formed a chain and massaged each other with the hope of breaking a world record and raising awareness about teen suicide. Though the record-breaking goal of 2000 people stayed out of reach, Clark Flatt, the president of the Jason Foundation, was happy that his message reached even one person.

New W.I.L.D. alcohol policy advances changes started a decade ago

While general inebriation may be a tradition as old as the event itself, adjustments to the alcohol policy at the wildly popular Walk In Lay Down concerts held in the Brookings Quadrangle each semester have been happening for years.

Four years after Schlafly, Wash. U to award Gloria Steinem honorary degree

Renowned feminist, writer and political activist Gloria Steinem will be one of six people to receive an honorary degree from Washington University at commencement this May.

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Two student cyclists robbed at gunpoint

Two students on bicycles were robbed at gunpoint around the 6000 block of Pershing Avenue Wednesday night. A suspect knocked one victim from his bike and stopped the second victim nearby. The suspect demanded both of their backpacks and displayed a handgun before fleeing the scene, according to the police report. Neither victim required medical […]

Steinem among 6 to receive honorary degrees

Gloria Steinem, the renowned feminist and co-founder of Ms. Magazine, will be one of six people to receive honorary degrees from Washington University this year. The other recipients will be Richard Mahoney, the retired chair and CEO of Monsanto; C.

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

NBC’s Chuck Todd filled Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles while talking about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

Filling Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles, NBC’s Chuck Todd talked about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

Proposed Student Union budget offers few changes

$2,563,617. It might be less than one ten-thousandth of what Obama’s campaign had to allocate for 2012, but it is the amount that will fund Washington University’s Student Union for the entire span of the 2012-13 year.

Apparent energy reductions follow Green Cup

In the month after the Green Cup finished, energy use in on-campus dorms continued to fall, according to figures released by the Office of Sustainability earlier this week. The figures show a reduction in energy use in March compared to January in every on-campus dorm, with many dorms reducing use in March compared even to February, when the Green Cup was going on.


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