The vulnerable dead: On emotional expression in the workplace

Especially for workplaces that double as “safe spaces” for emotional vulnerability and social justice, are reformation and decentralization possible in a professional culture still rooted in patriarchy and whiteness?

| Senior Forum Editor

Staff editorial: Internship stipends provide opportunity, suffer from lack of flexibility

While the available stipends to assist students are valuable, the University should consider adjusting the system by which it allocates these funds in order to better support students.

Staff editorial: Don’t sweat the summer stuff

With barely a week of classes left of the semester and the arrival of warm weather (finally), it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the excitement of finishing classes and leaving campus for the summer. While the thought of breaking out of the routine of the semester sounds refreshing, it’s also a big source of stress for those of us who haven’t lined up plans for the summer yet.

Late registration: Or, a guide to taking a semester off

If you’ve been thinking about taking a semester off, and you’re on the fence about it, here are a few things to consider.

| Senior Scene Editor

University should institute adviser procedure, optimize student benefit

All Wash. U. students should strive to take advantage of various opportunities that the school’s major departments offer.

Jeff Kang | Staff Writer

The intern strikes back

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we undergrads brush up our resumes, squeezing as many buzz words and leadership roles as we can into a single, well-formatted page. The actual internship experience may be rewarding, or you might start developing elaborate revenge fantasies, a la “Horrible Bosses.” Xuedan Wang’s experience was more like the latter.

| Forum Editor

Undergrads experience life on Capitol Hill with new D.C. program

Undergraduates at Washington University have taken the nation’s capital by storm as part of the new Washington University Semester in D.C. Program.

| News Editor

The fashion intern manual

For all the girls and boys who dream of a lap of fashion luxury and a respectable career, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind to ensure your success in this cutthroat industry. Follow these rules, and you’re sure to have a positive internship experience.

| Fashion Columnist

Is it who or what you know?

When we search for a job or an internship, when we apply to college and graduate school, when we are trying to get a spot in that club or honorary, we would like to think that those in charge are focused on what we bring to the table. Chances are, however, that if you know someone who can you help you in one of these organizations, it’s going to mean just as much as your qualifications.

| Forum Editor

How to find a great internship (and be generally successful)

It’s almost Thanksgiving break, and that means going home for the holiday and answering a deluge of questions from relatives about your future career plans and the actual value of your glassblowing degree.

| Forum Editor

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