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A senior’s reflections on change

In making social movements trending topics online, we also somewhat dissociate from their reality, making the activism itself dependent on algorithms and a majority stance. But we can’t afford to repeatedly relearn everything we committed so much reeducation to in 2020.

| Senior Forum Editor

Fighting off the winter blues: activities for a chilly day

While the end of fall continues to bless us with alarmingly warm weather, every WashUian knows it’s only a matter of time before the other snow boot drops. If you’re looking for cheap and low-energy things to do — to boost the endorphins that go missing with the sun — I’ve concocted a list of mildly effective remedies for fighting off the “blah” and the creeping longing for hibernation. 

| Senior Forum Editor

The vulnerable dead: On emotional expression in the workplace

Especially for workplaces that double as “safe spaces” for emotional vulnerability and social justice, are reformation and decentralization possible in a professional culture still rooted in patriarchy and whiteness?

| Senior Forum Editor

Free weed!

Reefer blowers, dank smokers, kush queens, lend me your ears! I have come to discuss the new system of cannabis legalization, but not to praise it.

| Senior Forum Editor

Born smarter

Is it much of a surprise that students placed in an optimal environment for success — smaller classrooms, more thought-provoking assignments, more one-on-one attention, more behavioral exceptions, and more physical resources —  are likely to outperform their peers?

| Junior Forum Editor

There’s no such thing as a safe space for everyone

At every turn, WashU claims to create safe spaces — yet rarely do we discuss what rhetoric cannot be allowed in a space that is truly safe.

| Junior Forum Editor

The parental right to kill a mockingbird (and other important texts)

Book bans are on the rise. Banning books erases the experience of marginalized communities to center those of non-marginalized students.

| Staff Writer

Stop gatekeeping the humanities

Ideas that everyone should read are written to be accessible only for scholars – this restriction of information, intentional or not, needs to stop.

| Staff Writer

The emancipation of Mary Jane

Weed use is no worse than drinking alcohol or coffee. It’s time to end the stigma around marijuana.

| Staff Writer

Billy Porter and Harry Styles: Who’s credited for being revolutionary?

It isn’t that Styles is wrong for expressing himself in a non-normative way — in fact it’s good, as it means it’s working — but that the representation is still disproportionate.

| Staff Writer

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