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Break too short? Ways to recreate spring break on campus

Remember spring break last week? Are you still not over it? Don’t worry.

| Senior Scene Editor

Don’t panic about your (lack of) summer plans just yet

For the past three years, I’ve spent the spring panicking about my summer plans. Would I get an internship I liked?

| Senior Scene Editor

A step-by-step guide to visiting Goodwill Outlet

The place that should represent St. Louis is an often-overlooked treasure cove situated in a sleepy industrial area near downtown—it’s the Goodwill Outlet store. Not only do they have a variety of items—clothing, furniture, books, records, movies and even mattresses—but the prices are so ridiculously cheap.

| Senior Scene Editor

Staying hip and tipsy: Which places to take your visiting friends

Having out-of-town friends visit St. Louis is always a delight. That being said, there’s so much pressure on you to make sure that they have a great time.

| Senior Scene Editor

A love letter to Aziz Ansari, Dev Patel, Kumail Nanjiani and Riz Ahmed

I cried when Aziz Ansari hosted “Saturday Night Live.” The first Indian-American host—a Muslim—took the legendary stage the Saturday after the inauguration.

| Senior Scene Editor

Mardi nah: Alternatives to going to Soulard for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in St. Louis is definitely something you should experience at least once. That said, it’s not for everyone.

| Senior Scene Editor

RIB (Rest in Burrito): A eulogy for the Delmar Loop Chipotle

On Monday, The Riverfront Times reported that the Chipotle on the Delmar Loop is closing its doors at the end of the month. It’s not part of the trend of high restaurant turnover on the Loop due to financial troubles; it’s because the lease for the space is up, and Chipotle is choosing to relocate to a new more convenient space nearby.

| Senior Scene Editor

Pizza party: Places to get into a pizza coma depending on your mood

You know when you’re like, “Where do I want to get pizza?” and then you need to figure out where to get pizza based on what you’re feeling? I can help you with that! Here’s a guide to getting pizza depending on your mood:

| Senior Scene Editor

What animal account should you follow on Instagram?

Distract yourself for a few seconds every day by following an animal on Instagram. If you’re not sure who to follow, we’ve got you covered.

| Senior Scene Editor

Sex at Patricia’s

My roommate and I are at Patricia’s, an adult store at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Gravois Avenue. Patricia’s is a chain that has locations around the Midwest, but this one is especially popular with St. Louis area college students. Even Washington University kids break out of the bubble for this place.

| Senior Scene Editor

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