fossil fuel divestment

Green Action rally demands University divestment from fossil fuels

Green Action, an environmental justice and advocacy student group, held a rally calling on Washington University to divest from fossil fuels and recognize the impacts of environmental racism, March 1.

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‘The time to divest is now’: Students rally outside of DUC and Brookings to call for Washington University to divest from fossil fuels

Students rallied for fossil fuel divestment at WU, in a protest organized by Fossil Free WashU

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Unpacking WU’s unprecedented $5.7 billion endowment pool growth

Washington University’s endowment pool grew a record 65%, adding $5.7 billion

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Fossil Free WashU calls for the University to ‘break up’ with fossil fuels this Valentine’s Day

Fossil Free WashU celebrated National Day of Divestment, Feb. 13, with “Break Up with Fossil Fuels,” a rally calling for Washington University to “break up with” and divest from fossil fuels.

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‘An inherent inequality’: Law School report highlights environmental racism in St. Louis

Within conversations about climate change, little focus is placed on how marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by its negative environmental impacts. Alarming statistics published in a new report by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (IEC) at the Washington University School of Law shed light on environmental disparities that affect the lower-income and/or Black communities of St. Louis.

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Fossil Free WashU, Fight for $15 come together to rally on Brookings

Fossil Free WashU rallied for fossil fuel divestment and in opposition of climate change denial Wednesday.

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Fossil Free WashU disrupts alumni event, demands divestment

Fossil Free WashU disrupted an alumni banquet in Bauer Hall to pressure Washington University to divest their endowment from the use of fossil fuels Friday.

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Op-Ed: Divestment, not denial, will fix Wash. U.’s climate change complacency problem

With Chancellor-elect Andrew Martin preparing to take the reins of the University in June, we hope he will demonstrate a greater sense of urgency in confronting the challenges ahead of us.

Eddie Ives | Fossil Free WashU

Fossil Free WashU rallies for divestment; demonstrates on Danforth Campus

Over one hundred students joined Fossil Free WashU to protest the University’s refusal to divest from fossil fuel companies March 1.

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WU hosts workshop on climate change

Washington University hosted “Reflections on Climate Change,” an environmental workshop featuring Chancellor Mark Wrighton and several influential figures in climate change policy Sept. 29.

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