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Getting Around: Public Transport Across St. Louis

When making the move to live off-campus, many Washington University students tend to look no farther than the closest neighborhoods to campus, limiting their search to University City. This search comes out of a wish for convenience, with students often not having cars to commute to and from campus. However, students should not fear a […]

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Letter from the Editors

The Student Life website was updated to include our editorial policies as an independent publication on the Washington University campus today. Such policies inform our reporting and editorial decisions and reflect those of independent news organizations nationally.

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The power of affirmation in healthcare experiences

As our interaction continued, the doctor insisted that what I was experiencing were symptoms of anxiety. When I told the doctor that I was not experiencing a period of anxiety, she responded, “that you know of.” I knew then that I would leave the hospital untreated.

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Letter from the Editor

In light of recent personal health issues, Emma Baker has joined me as co-editor-in-chief of Student Life.

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Letter from the editor

The decision to capitalize Black comes from the expertise and advocacy of academics, activists and linguists. Black is not purely a descriptor, but an identity group as well.

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Changing the rules: Lobbyist pressing Title IX changes motivated by son’s expulsion from WU

Lobbyist Richard McIntosh has proposed Title IX changes that would give the accused more power in the process statewide. His efforts to change the Title IX system followed his son’s expulsion through the Washington University Title IX process, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

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Inside Martinville: A look at the students behind the Fight for $15 Brookings occupation

What started as an alliance between WUGWU and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 has grown into a cross-campus movement headquartered at Brookings Quadrangle. While the Fight for $15 is nothing new on campus, it’s gaining more attention than ever before with the decision to occupy Brookings Quadrangle with a tent city dubbed “Martinville.”

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Fossil Free WashU, Fight for $15 come together to rally on Brookings

Fossil Free WashU rallied for fossil fuel divestment and in opposition of climate change denial Wednesday.

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‘If the administration did not want us to be arrested, we would not have been arrested’: Eight arrests made during sit-in

Eight individuals occupying Chancellor-elect Martin’s office for a Fight for $15 protest were arrested by the Washington University Police Department (WUPD) earlier this evening.

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Letter from the editor

Today Student Life published an op-ed titled “Known by name and number,” written by an anonymous Washington University student.

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