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BREAKING: WU to offer hybrid instruction for fall 2020 semester

Washington University will offer hybrid classes for the fall 2020 semester. Tuition will remain the same and housing is only guaranteed for freshman and sophomore students.

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Letter from the Editor

In addition to writing the editorial, we had one of what will be many serious conversations about Student Life as part of the Washington University community and the absolute privilege we possess as a wholly independent publication.

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Breaking: WU announces new travel, event policies in light of St. Louis COVID-19 case

Following the news that a St. Louis County resident had contracted COVID-19 Saturday, Washington University announced new travel and event policies for campus members in a University-wide email sent by Chancellor Andrew Martin earlier today.

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Letter from the Editors

The Student Life website was updated to include our editorial policies as an independent publication on the Washington University campus today. Such policies inform our reporting and editorial decisions and reflect those of independent news organizations nationally.

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‘Graduate school is not designed for us’: For parents in graduate programs, traditional academia and gendered expectations clash

In one of her first meetings as a Ph.D. candidate, a professor asked Carolyn Barnes if she was married. Was she married to a man? Was she planning on having children while completing her doctorate?

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Coming home: Washington University’s 15th chancellor

Chancellor Andrew Martin will be inaugurated as the 15th chancellor of Washington University today, Oct. 4. For Martin, however, he’s just coming home.

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‘The schedule doesn’t stop’: Maggie Haberman on Trump, the Times and today

While reporting on stories like the Mueller report and the President giving his son-in-law a security clearance certainly stand out in her mind, other stories also spring to mind when reflecting on a career covering the ebb and flow of national politics.

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‘If the administration did not want us to be arrested, we would not have been arrested’: Eight arrests made during sit-in

Eight individuals occupying Chancellor-elect Martin’s office for a Fight for $15 protest were arrested by the Washington University Police Department (WUPD) earlier this evening.

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Truong passes three executive orders creating task forces

Student Union President Tyrin Truong created three task forces by passing three executive orders Monday.

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Senate votes to dissolve old structure, forms new issue-based committees

Student Union Senate voted to dissolve its old structure and form new, issue-based committees earlier this month. Chairs for the new committees were internally elected Tuesday.

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