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Students and faculty adjust to an online learning environment as the semester kicks off virtually

Washington University concluded the semester’s first two weeks of online classes Friday, marking the first time most courses have been fully remote since Spring 2021. For many students, the return to remote learning signified a rocky start to the semester.

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What’s at stake in the SU fall elections

Key issues include the future of Greek Life and mental health on campus.

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‘The time to divest is now’: Students rally outside of DUC and Brookings to call for Washington University to divest from fossil fuels

Students rallied for fossil fuel divestment at WU, in a protest organized by Fossil Free WashU

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STS and WUIT work to improve Danforth Campus Wi-Fi after reports of difficulties from students

STS and WUIT are working to address hardware and configuration issues in the University’s wifi infrastructure

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‘It feels like a facade’: Students chalk driveways and plant signs outside chancellor’s house at protest of Martin’s response to Islamophobia

The protest came nine days after some students went on academic strike, skipping class or attending remotely out of fear for their safety or in solidarity with Muslim, Black and brown students.

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Students report difficulty accessing food as Dining Services experiences supply chain and staffing issues

As Dining Services faces supply chain issues and staffing shortages, some students are struggling to find food options on campus.

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WU holds first ever Sophomore Welcome for Class of 2024 after largely virtual first year

WU’s sophomore class participated in the first ever Sophomore Welcome, an orientation program aimed at helping sophomores adjust to a more in-person semester.

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‘Admissions doesn’t make mistakes’: Coping with imposter syndrome in the transition to Washington University

Students and psychology professors provide insight into dealing with one of college’s many challenges.

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