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‘I felt like my safety didn’t matter’: One resident advisor’s story of how Residential Life failed her 

When former WashU RA Alyssa Ashford experienced harassment from two of her residents, she got little follow-up from Residential Life. “ResLife in general thinks that RAs are disposable,” she said. “That’s how they treated us.” This is Alyssa’s story.

What’s at stake in the SU fall elections

Key issues include the future of Greek Life and mental health on campus.

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SU Treasury reallocates fall WILD funding, increasing spring WILD budget to unprecedented $340,000

The new budget was $145,000 higher than the amount initially allocated for the spring event.

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WU not requiring COVID-19 booster shots as some students become eligible

WU will not require students to get COVID-19 booster shots, stating that they will not make a significant difference

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People in two vehicles shoot at each other on Delmar Blvd., stray bullet hits WU students’ apartment window

The students were not hurt, but two occupants of one vehicle were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

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WU reports ‘dire’ COVID-19 situation on campus; expands surveillance testing

At a point approximately halfway through the semester, 178 undergraduate students have tested positive, a figure equal to 83.18% of last semester’s semester’s total undergraduate cases.

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WU reports 117 student COVID-19 violations amid new clusters

Since the start of the spring semester, three large clusters of COVID-19 cases have been reported by Washington University, and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards has adjudicated at least 117 student conduct cases related to COVID-19 violations.

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‘A multi-year paid crash course in cognitive dissonance’: Students rally in support of Greek Life abolition, dehousing of fraternities

After approximately 45 minutes of speeches, students marched to fraternity row, chanting “Don’t take my tuition, without Greek Life abolition” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Wash. U. Greek Life has to go.”

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SU passes amendment to disband Class Councils, centralize authority and responsibility

After a unanimous vote in the SU Senate and a majority vote in the SU Treasury, the amendment to disband Class Councils was voted on by the student body in a special election.

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‘Our safety hangs in the balance’: Students demand WU take action to prevent sexual violence and support survivors

In a protest titled “Wash. U. Has a Problem,” organized by the group in charge of the Instagram account @metoowashu, students gathered across campus to demand that Washington University take action to prevent sexual violence.

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