Fall break

In St. Louis for Fall Break? We got you covered! 

As October 8 rapidly approaches, the question heard around campus these days becomes more urgent: “what are you doing for Fall Break?” If your answer is “hanging out in St. Louis,” boy, do we have some ideas for you! 

It’s time for students to get a real break

Fall Break should be a time for rest — that doesn’t happen when students have assessments right when they get back.

| Contributing Writer

With many wins and one tough loss, the Bears keep chugging over Fall Break

As Washington University students fanned out across the country in search of an autumn reprieve or lounged in an eerily empty campus, athletes kept at their game, playing anywhere from Arkansas to Francis Olympic Stadium to Atlanta. Here’s what you missed:

| Senior Sports Editor

What to watch: Essential fall break movie streaming line-up

Who has time to sit down for over an hour and dedicate yourself to a single plot line when you have a midterm, a paper and a lab all due in the next week? So if you’re planning on using your fall break as wisely as I am, here are, in no particular order, the five movies you should queue up each night of fall break.

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer

What to do if you’re staying in St. Louis over fall break

Fall break is approaching at a less-than-breakneck pace. The weather is slowly creeping towards cold, and every professor is saying, “I’m assigning the [INCREDIBLY SCARY PROJECT] to be due the 17th because you should have plenty of time to complete it.” Thanks guys.

| Senior Scene Editor

Nowhere to go: What to do in St. Louis over fall break

Oktoberfest, Lemp Mansion and more. Put in that Enterprise CarShare request now and forge your way outside the bubble.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Organizations must provide programming during fall break

Wash. U. should help students take advantage of fall break by offering a variety of programming throughout the long weekend.

Bear breakdown: A roundup of what you missed over fall break

While fall break provided Washington University students a brief reprieve from midterms and schoolwork, there was no rest for members of the football, volleyball, soccer and cross-country teams, who continued action through the weekend.

David Kim | Sports Reporters

Wash. U. extends fall break, shortens orientation

In an effort to give students a breather from the fall semester, Washington University has extended fall break by one day this semester.

| Contributing Reporter

Does our academic schedule compare poorly to other schools?

Washington University’s fall academic calendar is unique—starting a full week before most private universities, with two one-day breaks (Labor Day and fall break, which falls a week after Columbus Day), a traditional Thanksgiving break and then ending with a three-day reading week and five days of exams. In the research I have done, I have yet to find a university of the same caliber or size with a directly comparable schedule.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

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