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How to Beat Seasonal Depression

For those who find themselves a little sadder during the dark months of Midwest winter, the Student Life Scene staff has got you covered! 

In St. Louis for Fall Break? We got you covered! 

As October 8 rapidly approaches, the question heard around campus these days becomes more urgent: “what are you doing for Fall Break?” If your answer is “hanging out in St. Louis,” boy, do we have some ideas for you! 

Flavors of fall: Our recommendations for fun and festive feasts with friends

Just in time for the first real cold snap of the year, Scene staff writers compiled a list of quintessentially fall things to do — and mostly, to eat — for the remainder of Pumpkin Spice Season. 

It’s getting warmer outside: We have five underrated outdoor spots for you to check out.

Temperatures are going up, but it’s still a pandemic. That means people are flooding the East End, the tables outside of the DUC and the picnic tables near the Clocktower. On a sunny weekday, sometimes it feels like you can’t find a chair outside anywhere on campus. We’ve got you covered.

Our favorite on-campus study spots

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has had to find new on-campus study spots. Olin Library isn’t open. Graham Chapel is filled with study cubbies. And now there are gigantic white tents invading Mudd Field. We compiled a list of our favorite spots to break away from the pandemic and get some work done in the […]

Giving our thanks to the WU community

Everyone knows that this semester has been a challenge. You don’t need another creative introduction to tell you that. But, hopefully, we have all found something that has made this semester just a little bit better. And that’s what we’re highlighting this week.

A walk through WU on Election Day

Here is a peek into Election Day for Wash. U. students—from the on-campus polling site to the South 40 dorms to taking it all in from home.

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