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An in-person return must include pandemic accommodations

WashU, a return to in person classes should not mean a return to strict pre-pandemic attendance policies without Zoom options.

| Forum Editor

Let’s do ourselves a favor and drop toxic positivity

In the long run, suppressing our negative feelings is worse for us than acknowledging them.

| Staff Writer

Facebook and the prioritization of profit over people

Facebook’s rebranding is an attempt to distract from its current scandal — they prioritize profit to the detriment of its user base.

| Staff Writer

It’s time for students to get a real break

Fall Break should be a time for rest — that doesn’t happen when students have assessments right when they get back.

| Contributing Writer

Transitioning back: Freshmen need more support than ever

For many freshmen, this semester marks the first in-person classes and exams in over a year and a half. They need support to re-adjust.

| Contributing Writer

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