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Which WU parker are you?

Washington University has a parking problem. In an effort to bring some levity to this battle, find out which type of Wash. U. parker you are.

| Senior Scene Editor

Mardi Gras Bingo

Washington University may not have the social culture clout to attract out-of-state partying visitors, but we do have Mardi Gras. Fill out this Bingo for a good time.

| Senior Scene Editor

The answers to all your itching and burning sex questions

Sex education isn’t something that students are guaranteed to have before coming to college. Even those who do get it are still liable to have questions while in school. Sex is even sexier when the people participating are informed, so Student Life decided to interview Ashley Kuykendall, the Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at Habif Health and Wellness Center. She shared with us just a bit of her vast knowledge on sexual health gained from working in the field of sex ed with college students for seven years.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘Clean comedian’ Ryan Hamilton to perform at Helium Comedy Club

Brilliant stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton is coming to St. Louis Jan. 24-26 at Helium Comedy Club, just 10 minutes from campus.

| Senior Editor

Katy’s Korner: Holiday gifts don’t have to come with stress or strings

You might be used to giving gifts to all of your family members and friends. You might be used to having to pay for them. Maybe you never did gifts with your friends, or your parents would pay for the gifts. Everyone comes into this time of year with different things they expect of their friends and family.

| Senior Scene Editor

Opinion: How to save money: Because not all of us are from the top 20th percentile

Students coming from a different socioeconomic background tend to find themselves in a community where saving money isn’t everyone else’s top priority.

| Senior Scene Editor

Katy’s Korner: Don’t be afraid to use your safety net, that’s what it’s there for

I’m a student in the College of Arts & Sciences and I just quit a really big time suck activity. Now that registration is here I don’t know what to take.

| Senior Scene Editor

Forgotten WU history that will make you nostalgic…or not

Since most people are gone in four years, there’s a very good chance that in eight years, notable events that happened in your time, will be a mystery to the current undergrads.

| Senior Scene Editor

Jasmine Hill makes Bear Cuts the shop of choice for hair care

When I got to Washington University, I never really had a plan for haircuts. I figured I’d get it cut when I went home or I’d just pop into Bear Cuts and ask for the bare minimum. That was until I met Jasmine Hill, a professional haircare specialist at Bear Cuts.

| Senior Scene Editor

SU hosts second Game Day tailgate of season for Green Dot game

Student Union hosted the second Game Day event of the year in preparation for the Washington University’s football team’s home game against Illinois Wesleyan University Oct. 20. SU partnered with WUSTL Athletics, Green Dot, Student Affairs, the Olin Business School and United Provisions for the programming.

| Senior Editor

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