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Auggie in the outfield: Mense leads as baseball’s lone senior

But on the field, Mense excels, first among Bears in walks and second in on-base percentage with a .435 mark. He’s just what you want from a leadoff hitter, getting on base early and often and letting the guys behind him bring him home.

| Staff Reporter

And one more note on Lil Dicky: I’m still not over it

I don’t want to talk about Lil Dicky. I don’t want to talk about his commercialized racism, his winking gimmicks or his invitation to our campus.

| Staff Writer

Coffee with Joywave: Pranks, mugs, and inconveniencing the majority

Satire synth pop band Joywave is out with a new album called Content. And lead singer Daniel Armbruster likes coffee. Let’s talk about that.

| Senior Editor

Finding grace amongst a dwindling family

Know that amidst the stress and the constant feelings of not doing enough at Wash. U., there are some who take so much solace from being here, around all of you.

| Senior Editor

Wash. U. responds to Carroll sentencing

Following the sentencing of former Washington University Dean of Students Justin Carroll to 54 months in prison this past Thursday, the University has reiterated its dismay at the administrator’s actions.

| Senior Editor

Carroll sentenced to four and a half years of jail time

Justin Carroll, former Washington University dean of students, received a sentence of 54 months in federal prison, for viewing child pornography, earlier today.

| Senior Editor

Nowhere to go: What to do in St. Louis over fall break

Oktoberfest, Lemp Mansion and more. Put in that Enterprise CarShare request now and forge your way outside the bubble.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Fall comedy show welcome change among lacking fall programming

Just as people were starting to ask whether Social Programming Board even remembered to book a fall comedy artist, the group announced that Hannibal Buress—absurdist comedian, provocateur and propagator of the Bill Cosby rape allegations—would be taking the Graham Chapel stage Oct. 18.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A comprehensive ranking of all 55 songs on my Spotify Time Capsule playlist

Spotify’s Time Capsule had the gall to put 55 songs in front of my face that are supposed to make me nostalgic and by god, did it work.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Don’t be afraid to ask

I can pretty much guarantee you know someone you went to high school with, grew up with or met at Washington University who has committed suicide. My question then to you is: What keeps you silent? What keeps you from reaching out to your friends to check in? What are you scared of?

| Senior Editor

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