Fall break

Parent and Family Weekend should end weak scheduling

If you were annoyed by the timing of Parent and Family Weekend, you weren’t alone. Traditionally, the First Year Center has held this weekend either the week before or after fall break, which we believe is an inopportune time for students, who are held down by school and club obligations, to host their parents for a weekend.

Fall break: St. Louis edition

While many students like to take advantage of Fall Break (regardless of it only consisting of one extra day off) by travelling to a large state school like Mizzou to experience Division I college football or returning home to visit family and friends, there are also several interesting day-trip options for students who decide to stay in the St. Louis area. Here are five excursions that can enhance any boring Fall Break, for those who want to escape the Washington University bubble and experience the Midwest.

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Give us a break—at least, one longer than three days

As we all return to the hustle and bustle of our academic careers following Fall Break, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: why did that feel so short? The answer is simple. Our Fall Break is exceptionally short compared to those of other universities.

Fall break frenzy

Fall break is this weekend, and thank god. One extra day is such a godsend from the administration, especially after most of us have had exams and papers that have left us sleep-deprived and emotionally distraught. And giving us Friday off, what a great idea! Who cares if most of us already have no class […]

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Fall Break: no break at all

As I’m sure you all know, last Friday was Fall Break, the most misleadingly named day off from school I’ve ever encountered. Don’t get me wrong; I love Fall Break. Whether I’ve stayed on campus or sojourned otherwise, I’ve always had a great time on my day off in October. There’s always been something missing, though.

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Longer break for Thanksgiving is a smart move

Those of us who were left feeling a bit unsatisfied with our measly Thanksgiving break can rejoice at the news that Washington University will be overhauling its academic calendar next year. Beginning next fall, the school will give students a full week off from classes for Thanksgiving and remove the fall break entirely.

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What to do over Fall Break?

Fall Break is this Friday, and we at Cadenza know what you’re thinking. “I get a whole day off from school? But wait, I don’t have classes on Friday anyway. And I have two midterms next Monday. And a paper due in that other class…

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