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WashU Seniors Anonymously Confess Their Secrets

From testicular cancer paranoia to police interrogations, 5 WashU seniors anonymously confess their secrets from the last four years. This video is part of Student Life’s Finish Line issue, celebrating the Class of 2024 at Washington University in St. Louis as they graduate.

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From senior athletes: Reflections on four years as a WashU Bear

After countless hours spent dedicating themselves to Washington University athletics, seven senior student-athletes – Jabari Chiphe (basketball), Caraline Oakley (golf), Emma Kelley (track), Jared Phillips (tennis), Emily Talkow (softball), and Johnathan Smith (football) – sat down with Student Life to reflect on their four years as a part of the WashU Bears athletic program.

Four moments over four years: the highlights of WashU sports

After spending hundreds of hours on the sidelines, in the bleachers, and glued to the live stream, I’ve compiled the top-four WashU sports moments of the past four years, in no particular order.

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Jennifer Coolidge announced as 2024 commencement speaker

During the annual Senior Toast, Chancellor Martin announced that Jennifer Coolidge will speak at the 2024 commencement ceremony, March 27.

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WU holds first ever Sophomore Welcome for Class of 2024 after largely virtual first year

WU’s sophomore class participated in the first ever Sophomore Welcome, an orientation program aimed at helping sophomores adjust to a more in-person semester.

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Virtual bingo and 1000-person group chats: How WU freshmen are finding creative ways to meet

In a time where we have all been asked to balance safety and socializing, perhaps no one has felt the strain of this task more than the University’s freshmen.

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WashU Pledge’s inaugural year supports five percent of first year students

The recent convocation of Washington University’s Class of 2024 marks the inauguration of a new admissions plan: the WashU Pledge.

Anirudh Kesanapally | Staff Reporter

Navigating WU as a freshman during the pandemic

Maybe it was optimism, maybe it was denial. Either way, here I am, a freshman in college in the middle of the pandemic.

Ryan Ricks | Contributing Writer

The COVID-19 WUSA: My experience virtually welcoming students to campus

I applied for the WUSA position this past spring because I wanted to support incoming students during their transition into college; now I am navigating what that looks like in practice.

Samra Haseeb | Staff Writer

Reopening, Part 1: Starting college in a pandemic

Student Life Multimedia Editor Jaden Satenstein explores the experiences of Washington University community members as the school prepares to open for a fall semester like no other. This three-part series focuses on first-years, international students and faculty members as we lead up to the start of classes.

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