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From senior athletes: Reflections on four years as a WashU Bear

After countless hours spent dedicating themselves to Washington University athletics, seven senior student-athletes – Jabari Chiphe (basketball), Caraline Oakley (golf), Emma Kelley (track), Jared Phillips (tennis), Emily Talkow (softball), and Johnathan Smith (football) – sat down with Student Life to reflect on their four years as a part of the WashU Bears athletic program.

The Next Taylor and Travis: The athlete-celebrity pairings StudLife wants to see

Taylor and Travis have shaken the internet in a way few others have. As a result, the StudLife Sports section (experts in both sports and pop culture), decided to share the next power couples we want to see take the world by storm.

Student Life 2023 MLB season predictions

In honor of last week’s opening day, the sports editors of Student Life gave their predictions for the upcoming baseball season.

Student Life World Cup Predictions

Just a few days ahead of the kickoff of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Student Life sports staff compiled their predictions for the upcoming matches. Could we see Brazil come back with a vengeance? Who will be the biggest flop of the tournament?  Student Life weighs in.     Name: Andrew Kastelman  Winner: Belgium. […]

We ranked the University Athletic Association mascots three different ways

From a cage match to interning at Goldman Sachs, we put together the ultimate UAA mascot ranking.

GameStop Redditors prompt our recollections of a simpler time

For years, GameStop and its assortment of sports content have fueled endless imagination, so our staffers reflected on their own memories of the legendary store and the video games they bought there.

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