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‘It’s almost become a public forum’: How the class of 2023’s GroupMe evolved over a tumultuous year

The GroupMe for the class of 2023, once benign, has now turned into a source of entertainment for many, featuring frequent arguments, personal drama and sometimes blatant racism.

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‘Campus was absolute chaos’: One year later, students reflect on the start of the pandemic

We asked students to reflect on their experience with the cancellation of school in March 2020. Here are their stories in their own words

‘It’s kind of my journey on the way of adulting’: How freshmen who spent the fall semester at home have adjusted to an in-person spring

For freshmen who had attended classes remotely for their first semester of college, getting a first look at campus wasn’t something done in short sleeves and T-shirts, but rather under the many layers of clothing necessary for the bitter St. Louis conditions of mid-January.

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Stop giving the South the cold shoulder

No, with Tweets and comments from people in chillier regions telling Texans to suck it up and other general minimizations of the situation, it’s clear to see that some hearts have also been frozen over.

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‘I wish it could be a secret’: Students grapple with their decision to receive the vaccine

Quick, easy, painless. That is how freshman Hailey Weiss described her experience getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The shot was so painless that at first, she wasn’t even sure that she got it, the only thing assuring her being the sight of blood under her bandage.

| Staff Writer

‘A place where ideas just matter’: Students find refuge in Philosophy Club during COVID-19

Whether the topic is about the existence of God or the morality of the death penalty, as soon as the topic is introduced, the conversation takes off, devoid of the awkward silences of most Zoom calls.

| Staff Writer

The pandemic hasn’t stopped this student-run garden from growing

The Burning Kumquat, the University’s student-run organic garden. The group grows crops year-round, harvesting them to either sell to the University community and Bon Appétit (the company that manages the University’s dining services) or to donate to food banks around St. Louis.

| Staff Writer

Virtual bingo and 1000-person group chats: How WU freshmen are finding creative ways to meet

In a time where we have all been asked to balance safety and socializing, perhaps no one has felt the strain of this task more than the University’s freshmen.

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