A tribute to artistry and memory at the MFA Student Dance Concert

Over the past two years, three Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Dance students poured their hearts and souls into choreographing and bringing their artistic visions to life. Finally, on March 22 and 23, their dedication culminated in a mesmerizing performance at Edison Theater for the seventh annual MFA Student Dance Concert.

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Students Shine in PAD’s The Winter’s Tale

Melding tragedy, comedy, and romance into one, “The Winter’s Tale” is the story of a king mad with envy that escalates until the queen’s statue comes to life. The students take center stage, and it is their interpretation of the characters and their mastery of emotions that ultimately reveals the weight and nuance of forgiveness. 

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Medicine, Media, and Dr. Mike

Over an hour before the event, a line of students had already begun to crowd in front of Graham Memorial Chapel for the 6 p.m. guest speaker talk by Dr. Mike on March 1. 

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Bringing back baroque: a night with Tafelmusik

With a mid-sized ensemble consisting of a harpsichord, three wind instruments, and 13 string instruments, Tafelmusik made an appearance at 560 Music Center, March 3. 

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St. Louis Changemaker Spotlight: John Worth & The International Institute

Student Life is launching a monthly series that aims to showcase diverse local leaders making a significant impact on the St. Louis community. The purpose is to bring attention to their efforts in fostering positive change and to introduce the WashU community to various civic causes they could get involved in. John Worth considers himself […]

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Remembering Harold Ramis: A WashU Icon’s Journey from Campus to Comedy Stardom

This past Saturday, Feb. 24, was the 10th anniversary of Harold Ramis’s death, most well known for his involvement in films such as “Animal House” and “Ghostbusters” (in which he played Egon Spengler).

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Going to an STL City SC Game? Tips to Get Ready for the Big Day.

Here’s everything you should know and some tips and tricks for this year’s season, in case you find yourself in the lucky position of grabbing some tickets and heading to a game of good ole soccer.

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WashU students talk about the war in Sudan and genocide

Following the removal of authoritarian leader Omar al-Bashir in 2019, the recent conflict between warring militaristic factions the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) over control of Sudan has caused the deaths of over 12 thousand individuals. Additionally, the conflict has displaced more than 9 million others and remains a humanitarian crisis that threatens one of the world’s most politically complex regions. 

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The Dropkick Murphys Return to St Louis: A Campus Chat With Guitarist Tim Brennan

This Monday, the Dropkick Murphys, along with supporting bands Pennywise and The Scratch, are coming to The Factory in Chesterfield as a stop along their St. Patrick’s Day tour. I sat down with Murphys’ guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Tim Brennan ahead of the concert to talk about the band, his influences, the upcoming show, and more. 

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“It’ll be electric”: WashU selects its first student performer to play the National Anthem

On Feb. 24, at both the Senior Day and Women’s History Day basketball games, Washington University’s first official student National Anthem performer, first-year Logan Srinivasan, will take the stage to showcase his third performance of the National Anthem. Part of a new initiative to boost school spirit, the WashU Athletics Marketing and Multimedia team hopes Srinivasan is the first of many students to get involved. 

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