So long Brookings: Where we would rather have WILD

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Each semester—well, during semesters we don’t host presidential debates—hoards of Washington University students make the trek towards Brookings Quadrangle to sing along, dance along or move along to whatever throwback/rapper/DJ that Social Programming Board chooses to grace the WILD stage. But see, that’s the issue: the stage. Every year, the tiny, removed Beaumont Pavilion plays host to a new act. This year, it’ll see Jason Derulo bust out his dance moves and try to connect with Wash. U. students. But why not switch it up a little? Here are our suggestions for when SPB decides it’s about time to get a little more creative:

Elizabeth Gray Danforth Butterfly Garden:

Sure, it’s not the biggest place to have a concert on campus, but think: What’s the best thing about WILD? Those few inflatable couches that lose all the air after an hour (right? right?). So why not take them up notch, and instead offer those amazing cocoon/hammock chairs in the garden. By my count, you could fit four to five college students at least partially on those things. Now don’t forget the flowers, which maximize Instagram-potential last time I checked (which was just this morning, btw).
—Harry Hall

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.23.46 PMJosh Zucker

The Whispers Hole:

The worst consequence of the Whispers Cafe renovation isn’t that there’s one less place on campus to get coffee. It isn’t that there’s one less moderately-quiet-but-it’s-okay-to-talk-in-full-volume place to study. It’s not even than there’s one less place to print. No, it’s that all the people who used to just hang around Whisper’s have relocated to the Danforth University Center. So, now everyone who used to hang out in Whispers has been displaced and so I can never find a place to sit anymore and I’m not okay with it because the DUC is my haven (I’m not bitter). What’s the best way to make the people go back? Have WILD in the hole. As soon as Jason Derulo hits those few notes (aka repeatedly sings his name), everyone will go running back. And, I mean, come on, just think about how great the acoustics will be.
—Noa Yadidi

My Apartment:

Ain’t no party like a Brezel party ‘cause a Brezel party’s got mad snacks. Are you sick of sad pizza and boxed water? I certainly am! Boxed water is NOT better, thank you very much. If we held WILD in my apartment we wouldn’t have to drink water out of a milk carton. I have at least like three glasses that I stole from my roommate last year. We could also chip in and get some solo cups if that’s not enough. As far as snacks, I already have some pretzels left over from movie night last weekend. Actually, the movie night was just me watching “Die Hard” alone, but I don’t think the pretzels are stale yet. I hope you guys like Ruffles because I’m going to get those too.
—Aaron Brezel

Tisch Commons:

I think Tisch Commons is about the worst place to study in the entire world. It’s loud, there are a ton of people you know streaming in and out and the people tabling are always trying to get you to buy John’s Donuts. But even though Tisch is a not so great study spot, it’s great for grabbing a meal with some friends or attending trivia night or going to a film screening. If set up right, Tisch could even be a great place for WILD. Think about it: You, eating a taco salad, sitting approximately three inches away from Jason Derulo’s face. Is it going to happen? Probably not. But does that mean it shouldn’t? Not necessarily.
—Ella Chochrek

Rudolph Hall:

Even if Jason Derulo isn’t a rock and roll artist we can still ‘rock’ out in the Matthew A. Grossman Museum of mineral specimens and meteorites. SPB can save hundreds on lights by using the luminescence exhibit as decoration—and what artist hasn’t wanted to perform in front of a collection of fossils? With the collection of meteorites already in the hall an outer space theme is even already prepared. If you get bored of the music and dancing you can always go look at some cool rocks. Rudolph Hall is one of this University’s most underutilized resources and hosting WILD in what is honestly one of my favorite buildings on campus would be lit, just like the luminous rocks.
—Josh Zucker

The third floor of the DUC:

Take a second and think of the most confusingly laid out building you can think of. Are you picturing slanted ceilings? Tiny 3-foot-high doors? Hallways that seem to lead to nowhere? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, chances are you’re thinking of the third floor of the DUC. Hosting WILD amongst the numerous closets lining the hallways and lack of proper signage at the top of staircases adds a special aspect to this year’s event: A sense of adventure. Jason Derulo might be a great dancer, but can he navigate his way to the Harvey Media Suite? Huh? “Whatcha say” to that?
—Aidan Strassmann

Francis Field:

Might as well get students to visit it at least once during their four years here, right?
—Wesley Jenkins

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