One Last Column: Student Life Senior Jared Adelman

Wow, what a rollercoaster ride it has been. There were many ups and a few downs that all came at me way too quickly. And as the coaster pulls into the station, I return to the one adage that has defined my four (okay fine 3.5) years here: “The weeks feel like days and the […]

| Staff Writer

One Last Column: Student Life Senior Via Poolos

When I came to Washington University, equipped with a dozen black cloth masks, packets of instant oatmeal, and a new nickname, I was unsure of a lot of things. Would I make friends? Would I get COVID? What about a fake ID? When you start college in the midst of a global pandemic, everything feels […]

| Former Editor-in-Chief

One Last Column: Student Life Senior William Labrador

It’s sort of interesting to be saying goodbye to WashU. Unlike many of my fellow seniors writing goodbye letters, I will be returning in three months to continue a Ph.D program, which will take another six years of my life, meaning that the freshmen that I have gotten to know will be “heading out into […]

| Staff Writer

One Last Column: Student Life Senior Annabel Shen

I can’t believe I made it through college. Genuinely, though — the four years have passed absurdly fast, and I’m not sure if I am happy to be graduating or slightly miffed about how old I am becoming. As I stare at my keyboard typing this letter out, I am at quite a loss for […]

| Staff Writer

Professing their love: four seniors look back on their favorite professors throughout their academic journeys

As seniors look back on their time as undergraduates, they find gratitude for the educators who also served as their mentors, supporters, and sources of inspiration. Seniors were asked to celebrate the professors they cherished most, and here are their thoughts. Dr. William Bubelis, Associate Professor of Classics Senior Ana María Núñez is a Classics […]

| Junior Scene Editor

Vampire Weekend makes its triumphant return on ‘Only God Was Above Us’

There’s always been a nostalgic quality to Vampire Weekend’s music. The indie-pop act, formed nearly 20 years ago by four Columbia University students in New York City, has never ceased to find a way to craft songs that make you feel as if you’ve already heard them before.  Yet, with “Only God Was Above Us” […]

| Senior Sports Editor

‘The Tortured (Listener’s?) Department:’ A review of the newest Taylor Swift album

After winning her 13th Grammy at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift announced the release of her 11th studio album titled “The Tortured Poets Department” (“TTPD”). The internet immediately blew up, with fans reacting shocked and overjoyed at the news after expecting the artist to drop “Reputation (Taylor’s Version).” The surprises, however, did not stop […]

| Junior Scene Editor

InBetween Insights: Q&As with Asian mental health conference speakers

InBetween, WashU’s annual student-organized pan-Asian mental health conference, was held on April 13. Hosting multiple panels with guests from a variety of backgrounds, I held Q&As with the panelists. These interviews have been edited for clarity. Dr. Amynah Pradhan is the Director for the Center of Clinical Pharmacology at Washington University and spoke during the […]

| Staff Writer

’anyone selling tn?’: A deep dive into the covert chats that sway WashU student life

The rush begins bright and early in the week, as soon as the sour regret of the past weekend’s mistakes is replaced with anticipation for the next. All across campus, a stream of hundreds of notifications, all repeating the same scant and minimal sentence, formulated for maximum efficiency, fills screens. The messages ping in the […]

| Staff Writer

Your brain on circadian rhythm: WU lab explores links between light, sleep, and neurodegeneration

A Washington University neurology lab is working to understand how the brain works with our natural sleep-wake patterns — and what that could mean for progression and prevention of disease. 

| Staff Writer

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