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Back-to-back ICCA Quarterfinal champions: Mosaic Whispers take first

The audience, which largely consisted of Washington University students, roared with excitement as not one, but two WashU a cappella groups placed in the International Championship. While students’ performances ranged from heartbreaking to contemplative to joyful, the overwhelming feeling in the auditorium following the Quarterfinals was pure bliss as both WashU competitors placed in the […]

| Co-Chief of Copy

The St. Louis Mardi Gras Parade: A Cinderella Story

Mardi Gras: the one day where people are proud to be in St. Louis. The day where people are no longer in Misery, USA, but in an alternate dimension full of colors, excitement, and celebration.

| Senior Photo Editor 

Asking my gynecologist mom your sex questions

Student Life sent out a form for students to anonymously ask their sexual and reproductive health questions to a gynecologist. I called my mom, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Jody Steinauer, to answer your questions.

| Senior Forum Editor

LNYF 2024, WashU’s Sold-out event

After a quick introduction video of the performers, the show began with the Lion Dance. With percussion in the background, the performers nimbly danced in elaborate, flowy costumes as the audience cheered and gasped with delight. 

| Staff Writer

Black Anthology: The good, the bad, and the unfortunate

Together, we would soon be enthralled in a tale that pondered what it meant to trade the youthful exuberance of the promising ingénue for the stress, upsets, and nuisance of a hostile work environment. In short, we would learn what it meant to be “pressed.”

| Contributing Writer

The Workday series: student ambassadors transforming research

WRAP (WashU Research Ambassador Program) hasn’t been around long, but it has been making a difference already. It launched in the Fall 2023 Semester as a student-operated companion to the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), with the goal of improving student access to research as well as general awareness.

| Staff Writer

“It was a magical moment”: Students reflect on the state of socio-economic diversity at WashU

The University has joined over 100 institutions and adopted a  need-blind admission program, adopted a no-loan policy that will go into effect in fall 2024, and redoubled its “efforts to engage, support, and build pathways for students from small-town and rural America” through its Heartland Initiative. 

| Staff Writer

From pizza restaurants to Wall Street banking

When my friends Talia Zakalik, Sophia Bukowski, and Izzy Borah were trying to save a squirrel from a pipe, they found a student ID in the bush. Labeled from 1996, it read “Aman Boyd”, and besides some scratches and dirt stains, it was relatively unharmed. I thought this would be a really cool interview for my Creative Nonfiction class, where we had to interview someone, and asked to meet up with him.

| Investigative News Editor

Breakdown of BearFit Classes

Offered throughout the day, seven days a week, there’s a BearFit class for everyone, whether you’re an early-bird looking for a morning pump or trying to find some peace of mind in between classes. Here are some highlights. 

, and | Contributing Writers and Junior Scene Editor

Uncovering history: WashU & Slavery

In recent years, academic institutions across the United States, including Washington University, have embarked on initiatives to confront the historical connections between universities and slavery. The Washington University and Slavery Project, which began in the summer of 2020, aims to not only document the university’s historical involvement with slavery, but also to promote transparency and dialogue about this challenging topic in American history. 

| Managing Scene Editor

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