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WU community joins together for “Solidarity Screening” of Palestinian documentary

On Thursday, Oct. 19, in a classroom behind the Kemper Art Museum, lights dimmed and about 30 students, professors, and members of the community watched a screening of “Naila and the Uprising.”

| Senior Scene Editor

Informal Introductions: What to know when taking Introduction Classes

The transition from high school to the first year of college is a big and jarring adjustment. Walking into the stadium seating of Wrighton 300 for the first time certainly doesn’t ease the anxiety of that transition.

| Senior Scene Editor

COVID Day-In-My-Life: Five days deep

I was lucky to have gotten COVID at a time where I was able to sustain myself for several days without leaving my dorm room.

| Junior Scene Editor

What to expect when you’re electing

Moving away for college brings many challenges, one of which is relearning local politics. From mayors to senators, here’s your basic guide to the politicians near the Washington University bubble.

| Contributing Writer

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