Sex Issue 2011

A Pissy Night

n high school, I was on the Constitution team and my boyfriend looked like the dude with long hair from “Dazed and Confused.” When I got to Washington University, I was in heaven. There were smart, attractive guys everywhere and I was finally ready to spread my wings, become a woman and stop wearing my retainer during the day.

| Staff Columnist

Accept Those Who Challenge Gender Norms

I get the question, “So Jon, do you give it or take it?” surprisingly often. Never from other gay guys, who might have a legitimate interest in knowing; it’s always straight guys who seem most curious.

Jon Branfman | Op-Ed Submission

Turning sports terms into sex positions

Sports are dirty; sometimes they’re rough. You can play them with a team or go solo, and they make you all sweaty and tired but also make you feel good and want to pat other people on the butt. What we’re trying to say is, sports are just like sex. And whenever we’re watching them on TV, the commentators are always saying things that make us giggle because, well, we’re immature.

| Student Life Staff

Sexting: Not for childhood heroes

Sending illicit text messages isn’t becoming of a college freshman, let alone a 41-year-old professional athlete. In fact, it’s sexual harassment. I’m disturbed by the fact that the argument among sports pundits seems to be “will this affect Favre’s legacy?” I think it’s clear that it should.

| Sports Editor

The first pornographic video game: ‘Custer’s Revenge’

With the introduction of every new form of multimedia comes a fountainhead of new pornographic material. In an America when VHS was the peak of technology, the Atari 2600 allowed for vast new forays into porn-material-porn-user interaction. From this brave new world emerged “Custer’s Revenge” on Oct. 13, 1982.

| Cadenza Reporter

Bomb Squad bares all

The Phi Delta Theta Bomb Squad attends every men’s basketball game at the Field House and provides vocal support for the Washington University Bears from their spot across from the visiting team’s bench.

3 euphemisms we (should) live by

For me, one of the enjoyable aspects of reading Shakespeare is interpreting his figurative language. In particular, the Bard’s employment of euphemisms, or substitutions of indirect expressions for unpleasant or embarrassing things, adds color to dialogue. For example, “what the dickens,” originates from “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” with Shakespeare replacing “devil” with “dickens.”

| Cadenza Reporter

5 movies that will not get you laid

These five movies will ruin your sex life.

| Cadenza Reporter

The Little Dildo That Could Part 3

The Little Dildo That Could is back in a brand new adventure!! What will happen when that lovable piece of anthropomorphic plastic takes on the world of Lion Taming?

| Photo Editor

5 TV-inspired ways to lose your virginity

Lose your virginity the same way these TV stars did?

| TV Editor

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