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Davis Sargeant is a managing editor for Student Life. His favorite painter is El Greco.

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A supposedly feasible thing I’ll never do again

Don’t come to college for the answers; the questions have them outnumbered. From the mundane “How can an omnipotent, benevolent God permit evil to exist?” to the pressing “How will I convince employers to hire me with only a degree in linguistics to my name?” to the existential “Will I die if I shotgun my ninth beer in the last 20 minutes?

Cheer and Going in the Magic House

Like most college students, I never really matured past age 12 and am constantly surprised as society heaps more and more expectations for adult behavior. Wash your sheets regularly. Schedule your own dentist appointments, and don’t forget to make sure they accept your insurance.

A dagger of the hive mind

Most Facebook invitations go deservedly ignored, but the announcement by Washington University Tech Entrepreneurial Venture Capital (wute.vc) that Alexis Ohanian will speak at this school merits consideration. Ohanian co-founded reddit.com, an increasingly influential website. Though wute.

Now Hear This! Boston

There’s no shortage of bands named after locations—Beirut, Chicago, Kansas or Asia, for example—but no geographically-minded group has ever matched the success of Boston. This rock group began in the basement of guitarist Tom Scholz, a senior production designer for Polaroid with degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The most annoying people on your freshman floor (and how to avoid becoming one of them)

Hi, freshmen, and welcome to Washington University! Today you begin a transition to a life completely unlike high school. The biggest change is living by yourself away from home and surrounded by 40 or so of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. For the first two weeks or so, returning to your freshman floor feels like entering the cool cabin at summer camp.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes protests sexual assault in college communities

M.O.R.E. sponsored the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, in order to provide education about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses.

Getting to know your friendly neighborhood Tarot card reader

The future torments every student here at Wash. U. Where will we go after graduation, what will we do, and how will we feed ourselves? For guidance, some seek auguries from tarot cards, in which a reader interprets the significance of a particular deck of cards that has been imbued with the client’s energy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Not for British eyes only: the best British shows

The second-highest-rated show on Super Bowl Sunday, “Downton Abbey,” aired its season finale last night. The Crawley family drama has captivated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic and sparked an interest in other shows from across the pond. Below are Cadenza’s favourite British shows, so turn on BBC and check them out.

| Cadenza Reporter

Getting to know your friendly neighborhood Ron Paul grassroots activists

Unlike other candidates vying for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Ron Paul has a grassroots campaign here in St. Louis. Scene went to the campaign’s St. Louis headquarters to discuss the life of an activist with Mark Ogier and Kelly Owens Ogier and Owens are activists supporting Ron Paul.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘West Side Story’ at The Fox

There is nothing so tragic as a beautiful romance destroyed by ugly fact. In “West Side Story,” the lovers brim with optimism despite their squalor and the forces of identity and language threatening to crush them. This is not a happy play; its poignancy gashes hearts with a switchblade’s severity.

| Cadenza Reporter

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