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The trains: Time for change

For a country that has always been proud of its history, America has the reputation of leaving behind one of its most important cultural artifacts. Project yourself back to the end of the 19th Century: merchandises, food, people and machines, zipping (although chugging would perhaps be a more apt term) across the Great Plains and the Manufacturing Belt.

| Staff Columnist

Is it time to dismantle the DMCA?

As we learn more about the tragic fate of the Wash. U. photo caption site that was closed down by tumblr, maybe it is time for the government to reconsider the pertinence of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which was passed in 1998 to update copyright law for electronic content.

| Staff Columnist

The American dating game

In Europe, dating is a simple concept. You meet a girl you like, you make subtle moves to get to know her, and then eventually, you ask her out. Or if you’re shy, you add her on Facebook and constantly press the reload button on her page, sighing whimsically at how she would never fall for someone like you, a bottle of whisky and a box of Kleenexes at the ready.

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Why the hate for teachers?

Don’t you remember reading books where teachers used to be respected and loved? Consider “Dead Poets Society” or “Au Revoir Les Enfants,” where the teacher holds a transcendent, almost supernatural role. We all have at least one teacher who we treasure, who helped us further ourselves as human beings.

| Staff Columnist

Western leaders caught between a hammer and an anvil

One of the most frequent criticisms that has been aimed at Arab societies is that they are supposedly unfit for democracy. The joy of throwing off the French and British shackles after the Second World War was short-lived as autocracies quickly replaced the new governments.

| Staff Columnist

Is Multiculturalism a Problem?

Coming hot on the heels of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments on multiculturalism, another head of state has fired broadsides into Europe’s integration policy. Last Saturday, British Prime Minister David Cameron criticized Britain’s “state multiculturalism,” calling instead for “muscled liberalism.”

| Forum Columnist

5 movies that will not get you laid

These five movies will ruin your sex life.

| Cadenza Reporter

We really have a snow problem

Last week, the campus was buzzing. But it wasn’t the Tucson shootings, Tunisia’s revolution, Ricky Gervais’s lack of decorum, or the independence of South Sudan that was grabbing the attention. The question that seemed to be on everyone’s lips last Wednesday evening was whether Wash. U. would be shut down after the “Blizzard”/“Snowstorm”/“Ragnarok” that was supposed to happen.

| Staff Columnist

WikiLeaks: Much ado about nothing

The journalistic world has been in a frenzy this week. All around the globe, the media have been falling over themselves trying to get the most out of the diplomatic dispatches released by WikiLeaks.

| Staff Columnist

What to do now that midterms are over

As midterms finish and the cold winter months begin to set in, I find that my usual haunt, the Fun Room, is being regularly invaded by strangers. In order to remedy this state of affairs, I’ve decided to give you a couple of hints as to what you can do in your free time.

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