Cadenza’s Spring Comedy Show wish list

Social Programming Board’s spring comedy show is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5, but the featured comedian is yet to be announced. Here’s a list of comedians Cadenza would love to see at Edison Theatre next month.

Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner is an author and comedian whose skewering of pop culture and celebrities would make her perfect for the college audience that Washington University could provide. She hosts the amazingly funny podcast “How Was Your Week?” on which she discusses events from the past week and interviews fellow comedians for their thoughts. She also used to recap episodes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for Vulture, which was how I started watching “Real Housewives” in the first place. Her Twitter interactions with Billy Eichner of “Billy on the Street” are justification enough for the invention of the website. –Georgie Morvis

John Mulaney

Everyone should know who John Mulaney is by now, but in case you don’t, he’s best known for being a former “Saturday Night Live” writer and the mastermind behind Bill Hader’s Stefon. Most importantly, though, Mulaney is a brilliant stand-up comedian. Check out his stand-up special “New In Town” on Netflix or YouTube—his bits on Delta Airlines and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” will make you laugh until you cry. Mulaney is also in the process of filming the first season of his new sitcom “Mulaney,” so this is probably our last chance to bring him to campus before he becomes a household name. Unfortunately, that also means that Mulaney is probably way too busy to drop by Wash. U. for a show. Oh well, a girl can dream. –Katharine Jaruzelski

Fred Armisen

After an 11-year tenure on “Saturday Night Live,” Fred Armisen has become one of the more prominent comedians of our time. Nowadays he can be found anywhere from starring in IFC’s “Portlandia” to impersonating a British punk star backstage at a Vampire Weekend concert to hugging Bruce Willis in a Super Bowl commercial. Whether he’s portraying ordinary people or former New York Governor David Paterson, Armisen’s charismatic presence makes regular sketches become extraordinary. Yes, Armisen would make for quite a show here at Wash. U., so after making a comedian wish list, remember to “put a bird on it!” –Tyler Friedman

Jay Leno

He’s out of a job. Oh well. Maybe he’ll want to come here even though all of his jokes are outdated and he’s an old fart. In all seriousness, now that Leno doesn’t work at NBC anymore, he’s back on the road showing off his decades’ worth of comedy chops. XOXO, “Gossip Girl.” –Elena Wandzilak

Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti’s career has blown up in the past year, going from podcast host and standup comedian to one of the stars of Fox’s Golden Globe-winning “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” While a show hosted by Peretti in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character as Gina, the Paris of people, would be incredible, Peretti is more than just her TV show character. Her YouTube videos “All My Exes” are hilarious and have featured guests like Amy Poehler and Armisen. And her experience with standup would make her perfect for a spring comedy show. –Georgie Morvis

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