SNL’s Colin Jost to headline fall comedy show

Colin Jost, a writer, actor and comedian on “Saturday Night Live,” will headline Social Programming Board’s annual fall comedy show on Sept. 22.

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Seriously, watch ‘Darby Forever’

As soon as I finished “Darby Forever,” I immediately restarted it. The short film, which runs for less time than it takes to make an omelet, pulled me into a fantastical world of technicolor delight from which I did not want to emerge.

| Creative Director

In memoriam: Netflix content that I won’t miss

Gone yet not forgotten, a few iconic films and television series will desert our Netflix repertoire this month. While Netflix can often overwhelm its subscribers with a plethora of quality entertainment to choose from, some of its content isn’t as promising. Here’s a eulogy for a few offerings I will not miss.

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Caravanning through Central America: A Q&A with comedian Brooks Wheelan

After a brief stint on “Saturday Night Live,” Brooks Wheelan released his first standup album, “This Is Cool, Right?” early this year. His tour will feature an all-new set of jokes from his forthcoming album. I got the chance to chat with him about his life, tour and upcoming projects.

| Senior Scene Editor

Kenan Thompson entertains students with stories during fall comedy show

Sharing the story of his acting career and encounters with big-name celebrities, Kenan Thompson entertained a massive crowd at Social Programming Board’s fall comedy show.

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Kenan Thompson talks college shows, personal future

After the show, Student Life caught up with Thompson to talk about what it’s like doing college shows and the future of this seasoned comedian.

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Kenan Thompson is an exciting choice for SPB fall comedy show

What do you get when you combine a big name and some serious comedic talent with a pinch of childhood nostalgia and a dash of diversity? The answer: Kenan Thompson, “Saturday Night Live” cast member and the headliner of Social Programming Board’s recently announced fall comedy show.

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Brooks Wheelan’s stand-up proves he doesn’t need ‘SNL’

Between jokes about brick walls, stories about drug experiences and jabs at Lorne Michaels, Brooks Wheelan proved during his stand-up set at the Funny Bone in St. Louis on Thursday that getting fired from “Saturday Night Live” doesn’t mean you’re not funny.

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Cadenza’s Spring Comedy Show wish list

Social Programming Board’s spring comedy show is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5, but the featured comedian is yet to be announced. Here’s a list of comedians Cadenza would love to see at Edison Theatre next month. Julie Klausner Julie Klausner is an author and comedian whose skewering of pop culture and celebrities would make her […]

Pop culture in review: Cadenza’s favorite 2013 moments

Just like any other year, 2013 was full of some truly great pop culture moments. Here are a few of Cadenza’s picks of the best. Beyonce knocks the lights out at the Super Bowl It was a refreshing change for the Super Bowl halftime show; instead of washed-up rock bands, a relevant pop star played.

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